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Post  Glaydrian on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:09 pm

(I am sorry for taking so long in putting this up, and if there are mistakes in the lore, please let me know and i will fix them accordingly.)

I have been requested by Kierie to leave a written post of my history, and though i have never done this before i will have to try and find a way to do so.

Most of my story is that of a noble wanderer, but i guess i should start at the beginning. I never knew my father or my mother, as i was seemingly abandoned at the northshire abby steps. The monks there were kind and took me in to raise as one of the order. It was a good life in that peaceful place, even if i was not peaceful in any sense.

I always had a terrible temper as a child and never fully understood why until the monks found me speaking several forms of the demonic tongue in one of my "fits". As it would turn out i was left on those steps because when i was in the womb my mother and father angered a rogue summoner of demons. In his anger he placed a deamon by the name of Baelizar in my body when i was born, or so this as much of the story i can take a guess at.

The monks helped me learn to control my anger, and in doing so, lock the deamon deep inside myself so that he could never take control of my body. I am eternally grateful to them for that. The deamon eventually began to began to bind itself to my soul and i could tell its progression by the gradual slowing of time and my new found strength. These traits i kept hidden away from all those around me as i left the abby to travel from place to place.

It was on one of these journeys i became known to a few wondering holy warriors and they taught me how to focus myself on using the power of the light in battle as a palladin. I seemed to be skilled enough to learn the basics of this but i was never able to truly become adept at it due to the darker parts of my soul.

I continued traveling until i was approached by Arahad and Raxsis of the Hellenic legion, as it was known at the time, and was asked if i would be willing to join their cause. I readily accepted and seemed to quickly rise in both expertise with weapons and rank. This was due to the generous help i received from my many comrades in arms, Kierie and Kutrite to name a few that i still travel with. During that time two warlocks learned of my hidden secret and upon request, Arahad helped me banish the deamon from my body and send him back to the void. I still give him my thanks for that.

It was not long after that the Hellenic Legion fell and i Joined with the Knights of the Nine. The Knights of the Nine struggled to rebuild after the Legion's fall, and to reclaim the land we once protected, but all was for naught. Instead of seeing another collapse of the structure we worked so hard for we merged with the newly reformed Republic and since then i have been working hard to bring the name of the Republic honor and to help my friends and allies where ever i can.

(i know there is spelling mistakes. just ignore them...or if you prefer point them out, but Deamon is spelt that way for a reason. And as i said at the top...if there are mistakes in lore, let me know please. and one more note...if anybody is a really good writer and would like to help me refine this story some it would be appreciated.)


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