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I am Gerralt, once a farmer, a father, a husband, but no more... A warrior now created from the eternal rage a beast within me. Everywhere I see death, destruction, chaos and it has a calls itself "The Horde"! My tale stretches back before to a time when peace and happiness was all I knew and if you have the time and the stomach for it, I shall tell it here.

I was born Gerralt Alexander Wolfbane named by my father Velanthius Wolfbane, a farmer and retired soldier of Lorderon. We lived in a small farm just on the outskirts of ellewyn forrest in the farmlands now known as westfall. My father always said I had the look of my mother but my mother would always say my fathers ways were born within me themselves.

I always begged my father to tell me of his battles of the past when he was a soldier, he was reluctant to at first but felt sheltering me from real life would make me the daughter he never had. So whenever he could he would instill within these tales the importance of not only killing fast or killing many but rather to stay your hand and protecting others prevails over all other forms of honor or glory.....advice im afraid fell on deaf ears at the time.

As a young man, I met and fell in love with a neighboring farmers daughter named Diana and I knew she would be mine when first my eyes beheld her. To make a long story short and not to bore you with details, suffice to say she was no easy prize to be had. Many years I courted her and worked her fathers farm to prove my mettle as a potential husband and at long last we were married. Many years passed and I had my son and my wife and could want for nothing...then they came..

Now at his point in my life my mother was old and living with us, my father long dead after being recruited once more from our king to return to the front. The news of his death nearly destroyed me and his effects were brought to me, in it was a note from him. All I could make from it was "Control the rage within do not let it overcome you and make of you a beast, such are the ways of the Horde" The rest was illegible or destroyed by fire and rain. I knew my father did not want revenge in my heart but there it was all the same and I met the beast for the first time soon after.

Horde are not accustomed to coming so far east to the farmlands of westfall, the only danger present is the ever bothersome den of thieves and misfits calling themselves "The Defias". But for reasons I still cannot fathom an orc raiding party came from the redrige mountains raizing homes and farms alike even becoming so bold as to attack the goldshire inn (a place I many a time found solice in and drank the nights away much to my mothers dismay) and eventually making their way to westfall. There was no mercy, no honor, no rules of engagement just blood and slaughter chopping down men, women, and children taken. Crops burning, animals killed or taken for food, homes destoyed and their occupants dragged from their hiding places and butchered adding to the entertainment of surrounding orcs laughing as they watched on.

My father taught me as a child to wield a sword so I was very good with one but there were so many. I commanded my wife and child to remain silent and hidden no matter what happened to me and I left to save who I could and as I ran towards the rising smoke of the farmsteads I thought to myself there is most likely nothing to save. After killing many orcs I came to realize, they did not seek riches or plunder or slaves they all stopped what they were doing as they watched me pull my sword from my 4th or 5th orcs dead body. The bloody bastards were in this for the sport some....distorted and misguided sense of honor and I realized this as their leader approached me. These pigs did not speak common only the disgusting noise I could only immagine was orcish but to my surprise one actually spoke to me. All I managed to understand was fight....and we leave..

All the surviving people were gathered by the side where I was to fight their leader and my eyes frantically searched the crowd for signs of my family and prayed the light had kept them from this plight...I was saddly not so fortunate. Barely conscious from my wounds I saw my wife and child and I did not meet their gaze for fear the damned orcs would use them against me. My son screamed for his father when he saw me and thus the orcs became aware they were mine and soon after dragged them both before their leader. "This...your mate and your pup?" asked the orc, I said nothing only glared at him as he translated to his superior what was going on. All pain I was feeling at this moment was instantly replaced by a nausiating dread as soon as their leader dismounted and walked towards them.

The brutish orc picked up my son in one hand and appeared to inspect him. I still remember he was only 6 at the time brave and foolish as was his father at his age and began hitting and cursing at the orc but to no avail. The orc leader only laughed before letting out a deafening roar in his little face and through his tears I saw he clenched in his tiny hands the small pocket knife I gave him. As the orc was busy laughing my son roared back burying the pocket knife into the orcs eye and sent it reeling back in pain and dropping my son. My wife tried to run to him but an orcs arrow brought her down instantly and somehow I managed to rise to my feet and ran for my son who was being taken by these foul beasts.

No chance to tell my wife goodbye or assure her our son would be safe but I whispered to the wind anyway as if she could hear me. The orcs now making their retreat, I slew 2 more trying to get to my son but they were gone atop their wolves and the last sign of my son was hearing him screaming for me to save him. I screamed as hard as I could I would find him and bring him back, on my life I swore to....then I collapsed so cold and the darkness spreading. I remember my sons screams in my head echoing and resonating over and over and as consciousness left me I felt my fathers sword in my hand clenched and the beast was born within me.

I awoke about a week later in the care of the pios fathers and friars of Northshire Abbey bandaged and broken I grabbed the young priest caring for me and demanded I be released back to Westfall. "Sir, that was over a week ago. You have just now opened your eyes for the first time" "WHAT??" I gasped at the notion that I knew my wife was dead and my son was taken alive. I left the abbey against medical advice and sought out help from stormwind but was told mine was but one of many similar attacks they were "looking into". I had to have vengence, I had to have revenge, I had to have my son...

My father always said, "Gods will not do for men what men will not do for themselves" good advice the best ive ever been given. I left stormwind gaurd disgusted and spitefull, many of stormwinds denizens were fed from the sweat and blood from my fathers farms and now when I reach out I am sent away? As I walked away I heard my sons screams again and once again tasted the blood in my mouth and felt the burning rage of the beast. I swore that day I would spend the rest of my life searching for the orc responsible for that night....I would find him....I will catch him...and I will kill him. I will search this world for my son any sign of his exsistence or demise but I will keep looking.

And that is my tale...forgive me if ive depressed you but you were warned and youve stayed to its end. I now fight along side my brothers and sisters of "The Republic" my only family I have left and the only ones who heard my cries when no one else would. Their cause is mine now also, and together perhaps we can make a difference in this world. I dont sleep much these days to haunted by my past, my wifes dead lifeless body still asking me for my son, my son still asking why I dont come....the nightmares never end. My only companion is my rage and every orc I kill in the field brings me one step closer to my son. I have no vision of peace no ideals of a perfect world without the horde and its allies, but I will tell you this I will gladly kill every single one on the path to my revenge and should Azeroth find its peace in the process then so be it.

I am a father, a warrior, and now a beast. I am no hero, no savior, I am death, I am vengence, I am justice. I will never rest, I will never forgive, AND I WILL NEVER STOP!


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