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Post  Suriel on Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:13 pm

Suriel looks down at his younger brother and smiles, “Looks like I win this round brother.”
Emunah looks up from the wound in Dagadin’s shoulder and glares angrily at her older brother, “How can you treat this war like a game when it almost claimed Dagadin’s life?”
Suriel’s Retort is cut short from a doomguard desending from the sky, the demon lands bringing its blood caked sword down on the spot where Suriel stood only a moment ago. Without breaking stride Suriel brings his sword up in an arc to block the next strike. The demons powerful blows nearly rip the sword from his hands the unholy beast bellows its frustration at its inability to kill its prey. Suriel side steps the next blow and using his momentum he sinks his sword deep into the demons left arm it howls in pain and Suriel rips it free. Suriel spins and brings the blade across the creature’s neck removing its head from the body.
(((Ill put the rest up later))


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