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A Child's Lament.. Empty A Child's Lament..

Post  Redflare on Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:49 pm

"Get your ass up, fuzzball!"

Red feels a sharp pain in the back of his head, causing his vision to blur, though that wasn't anything new at this point, since he had been unconscious for quite some time. His mane lay matted against his head, not just from lack of hygiene, but from the caked blood that covered him from head to foot-paw. A small chain was wrapped around his neck, digging into his flesh deeper and deeper as he was dragged through the dirt road. Eventually the road changed to cobblestone, and he was drug face first up a flight of stairs, and into a small dark hallway before a sudden brightness crossed his vision.

Silvermoon... Home, at last..

He shared a silent reprieve with himself as his captors conversed with the stationed Arcane Guards. Before he could clear his sight, and get a good look of his whereabouts, the procession began once more, dragging him along the tiled streets of the majestic city. Every so often, the usual passerby would stop and laugh at the scene, or to give their own form of appreciation, be it spitting, or kicking him as he was drug by.

After what seemed like eons of torment and humiliation, a large shadow clouded his vision, and hefted him up into the air. He felt the pressure of his ribs cracking as he was slammed against a nearby wall, and the strain in his lungs as the air rushed from them. As he took a few gulps of the 'precious' air, his matted fur was brushed back from his eyes, allowing him to see his captor, and causing a low rumble to escape his throat.

"Rrrravenhul... What is the meaning of this? You know who I am!"

His outburst was greeted with a few swift kicks by the towering Tauren stationed nearby, and a Forsaken came into his field of view, scowling as he looked him over with his soulless, yellowed eyes.

"I don't see why you wished him to remain alive, Raven.. He could be of great use to me and my..experiments."

The Forsaken gave an eerie cackle, and rubbed his peeling chin, pondering to himself. The Blood-knight waved him off, and knelt before the Worgen, his plate creaking as it met the tiled flooring.

"You said you wished to meet your mother, correct? She has been dying to see her precious little boy again, herself. Shall I get her for you?"

Ravenhul's fel-green eyes glinted in amusement, and he chuckled to himself at his own joke, rising to his feet. He casually entered a nearby building, leaving Redflare to the beatings of the Tauren and Forsaken, causing him to cough up blood from one well placed hoof to his stomach. His vision fades, and he slowly loses consciousness from the loss of blood.

* * *

A hard slam into the building behind him sends Red reeling, and his eyes pop open, his maw parting in a silent scream of agony. He pants for air as his bloodied vision is graced with Ravenhul's presence once again, followed by a strange female Sin'dorei. Her skin was a pale white, and her dark red hair lay plastered against her ghostly figure. Her once bright eyes were now an empty black. She seemed to grasp at something nonexistent, almost desperately, as if her life depended upon it. Ravenhul glances over at the sickly female, and flashes a wicked grin.

"Here you go, Red ol' buddy. Your mother. She doesn't look so good, does she? Hahaha!"

The sight before him was all he could stand. The pride he once held within himself crumbled into a heap, causing him to sulk in the corner he was huddled within. The sudden rush of woe caused his form to shift and sink, his fur seeping into his skin, and exposing his tattered, Elven features. He silently weeps to himself curling up into a fetal position, and tries to hide himself from the others, though he knew that was impossible. The Tauren and Forsaken seemed shocked at his controlled appearance, and glanced over at Ravenhul for an explanation. The Blood-Knight only shrugged his shoulders, and shoved the woman closer to the weeping Quel'dorei.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Reunite!"

The Wretched mouthed silently as she crawled towards the beaten and bloodied Redflare, and ran a cold, clammy hand against his cheek. Her inky black eyes looked him over, and her lips repeatedly formed only one word over and over again. "Mana...Mana...Mana.."

Overcome with sorrow the young Quel'dorei shoved away the 'thing' and stumbled away, crying uncontrollably as he ran through the streets, tears streaming down his face. As he careened through the crowded city streets, his foot caught a loose tile, causing him to trip, and fall face first upon the ground, scuffing up his already damaged face. He wearily pushed himself to his feet, and his emotions suddenly got the better of him, as he let out a howl in pain and agony, his skin prickling with the small appearance of fur, and a dark cloud conjuring about him. Once he was back into his feral state, he took off down the street, avoiding glares and swings from various townsfolk. The yells of the captors were distant now that he was close to the entrance of the city, and he summoned forth every essence of strength he had stored within his being, and bolted out into the open forest, bounding away like a fleeing prey.

That wasn't my mother.. That wasn't my mother..I...I don't have a family anymore..

He murmured to himself as he slipped further into the unknown forest. As soon as he felt he was far enough from the city, his form twisted and contorted once again, his fur being replaced with feathers, and his maw slowly hardening into a beak. He took off into the sky, and headed south to the only place he could consider a safe haven, now that he had nothing else to turn to...

Wil...Kieire....Syana...Rrockhead...I'm coming home..


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