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Post  Nakturr on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:47 pm

AH there you are at last! I have been waiting for many ale now for your arrival, come come sit down can I offer you a drink? No? Ok lets begin then, I understand I am to explain my origins to you, a smart move I say cant have too many crazy peoples in our fine establishment can we? Um, what was I saying? Ah yes come come sit down can I offer you a....what do you mean Ive already asked? Nonesense! You want me to do what now? Oh ha ha my mind leaves at times you shall have to forgive the ramblings of an old man. Please sit and hear my story I shall tell you everything and nothing at all. Dont be so quick to pass me off as a mad man well passed his years, you would only be half right which half is entirely up to you to decide.

Let me make you understand something that will make my truely unbelievable tale make sense, that is of course assuming you have had any experience or ongoings with the damned Bronze Dragonflight. If so wonderful my story will make perfect sense if not then Ill enjoy the awkward puzzling and frustrated looks upon your face ha ha .....(chokes on ale). Ill assume you have little to no knowledge of the dragonflight suffice to say they are time travelers, masters of time, and somewhat of a time poice force to thwart those who would alter time for their own selfish reasons. (Kaloren leans to the left as if listening to someone whisper in his ear) Damnit you dont interrupt me when im explaining something you you know how my mind so easily is interrupted and you are scaring my new friends here. Dont be alarmed my friend here (points to an empty chair) says I should be careful who I tell my story to.

First let me revisit my previous statement "I shall tell you everything and nothing" first the everything part. As I stated the dragonflight are time travelers and they are wonderful at it, humans however (chuckles) not so much. All I can remember from my past is becoming a powerful mage (posing in a proud stance on top of the bar table) and a young one too much more evolved than my older peers and teachers. My order had high hopes for me even becoming as great as the likes of Medivh, who is that you ask .....um I dont know but he had to be pretty damn magnificent ha ha ....wait (mumbles something incoherent about a dark portal and shrugs) nope nevermind its gone!

Anyway, I was approached by one of the Bronze Dragonflight and mind you I had never attempted a time travel yet as of this point in time .....ah time (laughs hysterically) time is never what we think it is, is it? What? Oh yes I digress here, I was approached and offered a "job" monitoring the rifts in time and assisting however I could. Also mind you I had never been approached by (yells loudly) A DRAGON BEFORE.....did I just yell that? Another drink perhaps to loosen the tongue and maybe the memories as well. The damned things name was ....(strokes beard and looks up) khrom....crummie...chrome....ah yes chromie disguised as a cute little gnome she was ironic dont you think?

(ordered ale shows up) Ah! (deep drink) do I have foam in my beard young fellow? So nice of you young people to take an interrest in an old mans stories (pinches your cheek). Where was I? (you frustratingly remind Kaloren of his last point in the story) Oh yes ....wait how did you know that? Are you a time traveler yourself? (Kaloren grabs staff ready to defend himself) speak now boy I can reveal you! My friend here (again pointing to the empty chair) says he has it on good authority you are a time agent here to test my loyalties.....well you can just tell that no good agency of yours to kiss my wrinkled frosty ......where are we? Ah I remember you young people you were asking my to join the darkside or...no...the Republic yes thats it! And um ...a yes chromie, did you know she is really a dragon?? Probably dont believe a crazy old man but thats up to you...

I was a young mage in my prime and now asked by the dragonflight themselves to work for them, mind you dragons almost never make themselves known to mankind...at least not on a personal level anyway. They taught me the art of time travel but human minds apparently (rolls eyes) arent built for the capacity of retaining such knowledge. But I was eager and so confident in my abilities that I dove in and learned all I could.

Before you ask, yes I was tempted many a time to alter the past to come back to the present a wealthy man, or a king, or to have some woman in my bed at night. Wouldn't be human if I didn't right young man? (Kaloren nudges you with a bony knuckle) But the fabric of time is flimsy and there is absolutely no room for error, this I learned the hard way. What I mean to say is there was an accident to say it lightly I can remember it like it was yesterday (calms down and closes eyes) back at the mage tower in stormwind studying with the magi there......(Kaloren sinks into chair as if in a trance). ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..........(you clap your hands loudly to wake up Kaloren) Snort ....what what what??? Who are you?

Ok as I was saying (Kaloren screams at waitress to bring another ale) the accident... I was about my regular buisness when a fellow time traveler and I were on a case together and it gets foggy here but I was left in time. Pretty general there it sounds I know but time is infinite never slows never stops and it didnt wait for me to figure out where, or more importantly, when I was before my cohort was gone. So in a nutshell, I am constantly going through the ages looking for a way to come back to my own time and learn from this mistake. (Kaloren gets up shaking his staff yelling at invisible entities) ILL NEVER TRUST A DRAGON AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVE THATS FOR SURE!!!

Im ok Im ok get yer hands off me (Kaloren scowls at the thought of needing assistance sitting down again) Being a time traveler has some ....well ....side effects such as oh whats it called...immortality yes thats it! I mean this body can die but I truely cannot stop existing, please dont make me explain that. (Kaloren sighs) Remember when I told you this all happened when I was a young mage? Well, the wise, womderful, old, and handsome mage you see before you today is ....by my calculations (Kaloren draws figures in the air with his finger) a few hundred years old ....give or take a few decades.

I have seen many moments in azeroths history such as the forming of the horde by Thrall, the massacre brought about in Stratholme by the demon Malganis, and yes the possesion and rise of that damned foolish boy Arthas into the Lich King. (tears fall from Kaloren's face) Imagine if you will young people, standing next to arthas as he abandons his humanity for the sake of his people only to be the very thing to bring about their destruction and not be able to stop him from becoming what he became. To see Thrall go on to create the horde knowing they will ultimately kill thousands of our people and not kill him to prevent it. Such things I can barely contain within myself and for this most people would call me mad or crazy. I'll tell you what crazy is young people....(Kaloren leans toward you and lowers his voice) crazy is being the only one who knows the truth while something horrible takes place, crazy is being the only one who can save thousands of lives but are told you musnt....that my friend ....that is crazy. (as you sadly ponder Kalorens last words in silence, the silence is broken by a ffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrttttttt). Whoops (Kaloren laughs) opened another rift there ha ha ha! Hey if you kids wanna see a trick I can light the next one on fire....anyone? (you wave the smell away and remind Kaloren to finish his story)

So that is everything in a nutshell I cant remember where I was born or who my parents were or anything fleeting as would a normal human being. Just consider yourselves lucky, ignorance is bliss and for your sakes deal with the present . And should any dragon, in gnomes clothing, come knocking on your door tell her you arent interrested in anything she is selling. Where is my ale?? I hate when they take your ale half full as if you were finished so they can charge you for another full one....HEY (Kaloren yells at the barkeep) Ill be right back kids feel free to talk amongst yourselves (Kaloren disregards the "employees only" sign on a back door and can be heard yelling at the innkeeper)

You ponder all the crazy old man has said and wonder if any of it is true or if you need this nut in the Republic. Then again he has seen so much and may be a blessing to the guild who knows but at least he is good for a laugh. (Kaloren returns wearing a bucket on his head and a mop in his hand) so how bout it am I in?


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