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Post  Akavas Deathvolt on Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:09 pm

Akavas Deathvolt, that crazy ass Gnome you see chopping limbs off the Horde (and not only the Horde...). What a sight! He's quite the little random, ain't he? But where did this madness all begin, you wonder? Take a seat... Or, if you are, that's good! (Because you probably are anyways.)

Akavas Deathvolt, you see, was once Akavas Fizzlevolt, son of the master electrician and mechanic; pioneer straight from Gnomeregan! His father's work defined the meaning of 'energy' for the Gnomes, and his handy craftsmanship served him well in the repairs he offered to the people of the Alliance.

One day, Akavas's father called out to Akavas, requesting that he join him in a trip to Andorhal. Surprisingly, Andorhol was a place that needed one of the most repairs town-wide in the whole of the Eastern-Kingdoms!! Excellent work; they may have even planned to live there after a promising coin gainage from the town - if there was to be any! Making haste to gather all of what they needed, the Fizzlevolts left the area of Elwynn Forest to the 'golden' town of Andorhal! Quite an adventure, for young Akavas, who was currently training to be an electrician himself in the footsteps of his father.

Upon arriving in Andorhal, the Fizzlevolts immediately begin to work! However, it would not be long until that fateful Scourge disease plagued the city. On the third day there, Akavas's father went missing. In search of his father, Akavas set out to locate and inform his father of a new contract he recieved from the mayor of the town himself! Unfortunately, he never found his father, but a horde of undead! Chasing him down, Akavas did not last long with his wrench he carried with him in his many packs. He was slain brutally...

Akavas awoke at the feet of Arthas... He did not know how he got there, or what his future was...

Soon after this 'revelation', Akavas became suicidal. He could not feel pain, he could not die... He had an odd condition of the Scourge; he was somehow ultracharged with the curse, making him stronger than a normal Death Knight. This may have been meant as a gift, however... The pain loss, the fact that he couldn't die... For personal reasons, this drew the poor Gnome permanently insane! Eventually, Akavas found an elemental cure that allowed him to imitate a mortal's life. But with the death of Opide and his inability to stop it, Akavas knew he had to do something: He had to retake the curse; the only thing he knew how to do.

Being reincarnated a second time had an unusual effect on Akavas.

1: His eyes were a brighter blue, but they were tainted with a sickly green color.

2: All of the scars that he accumulated in the past (and continuing to gain) started to glow like his eyes did, in the same color. Additionally, the scars were oddly moving across his body slowly, and apparently, rather painfully to the Gnome.

3: Akavas's thirst for blood had heightened dramatically!

Akavas craves for blood as if it could kill him if he didn't. Quite possibly, it might; we don't know. Killing is a pleasure to Akavas; his sanity shattered to small corners of his mind. The corpses he piles are known to be drained of all blood.

Akavas's future is that of simplicity: MORE BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD!!!

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