Apology of the fallen (Aritya's Final Farewell)

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Apology of the fallen (Aritya's Final Farewell) Empty Apology of the fallen (Aritya's Final Farewell)

Post  Aritya on Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:29 pm

Hey guys.
I am Aritya/Aytira/Aroswing/Aronwing/Xentamouras/Zack
Former officer of the Scholar district in republic
No longer allowed to be part of republic
The previous statement was due to the fact that I left republic when it was hurting. Twice. And that I had talked to another member (Whose name, for obvious reasons, I won't say) that Republic was broken and the only way to fix it was to make it a RP specific guild. I had also the nerve to want to be back in. Whether I'm allowed or not, This is my reasons for coming back, or my final farewell to the guild that I was once part of, then was rejected from because of a stupid mistake.

1. I have friends in Republic.
Republic has made WoW the most enjoyable experience I had ever have. The people there are great, and a bunch of knucklehead friendlies I couldn't imagine. Everyone helps each other out. Everyone in Republic is my definition of cool, and I can't imagine a greater place to hang with my buddies.

2. I have too much history with Republic to let it go.
I remember winning my first RBG with Republic. I remember turning 85 for the first tine in Republic. And the second time. And the third time. I remember boot camp at the doorstep of the dark portal when my priest (my main) was level 14. I remember having pride in the <Republic> Under my name. I remember defeating C'thun and trying to cure poison that one of the members in Republic contracted. I remember simply hanging out in the tavern in Valience Keep, telling stories about little draenei slaying orcs for the first time and death knight tax collectors. I remember trying to have someone recover from having a baby cut from their stomach, and relocating the senate meeting to their house because she couldn't move. All these memories pile up, making Republic more memorable then any other guild on Emerald Dream.

3. I abandoned Republic.
I regret that I had abandoned Republic because my friends left. Sure, friends are a good part of Republic, but we're a virtual family. We have had our ups and downs, but I shouldn't have let the downs get to me like they did, especially when someone left. Republic is a nation, and we shouldn't become immigrants because the president is stepping down and taking a residence elsewhere. And it took a simple denial of reentry to make me realize this.

4. "There is nothing that can keep me away from here Darion. Not from my home and family." -Alexandros Morgraine, Lights hope chapel.
Every time I see someone in <Republic> I want to jump up and do stuff with them. My hearthstone is still set to Valience Keep, because both in and out of character that is my home. (Mostly IC because no one out of character really goes there at all). I feel even if I am still rejected, Republic will always be my home.

Whether these are my reasons for wanting to come back, or my final farewell, I know I will still love <Republic> and forever miss you if I have to go.

I understand that the decision of the Guild master, and co guild master, is final, and that my fate lies with their hands, whatever it may be. I shall never speak against Republic in a negative fashion, and any doubt I have I shall keep to myself or share with the highest ranking official I see.

Apology of the fallen (Aritya's Final Farewell) Wowscr11


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