Just another day at Valiance Keep (Aka, it's arpee time!)

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Just another day at Valiance Keep (Aka, it's arpee time!) Empty Just another day at Valiance Keep (Aka, it's arpee time!)

Post  Opide on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:46 pm

The sunlight shone stubbornly through the doors leading to the balcony on the upper level of the Valiance Keep inn. It splashed across the form of the draenei leaning against the table, who was shifting in her chair almost uncomfortably. In fact, she kept glancing around the room suspiciously, as if she expected someone to jump out and attack her. Which, of course, was exactly what the girl was expecting.

A laugh escaped the girls lips, breaking the silence. She grinned to herself, shifting her eyes downward at her glass. "I don't believe this." she said aloud, "Here I am, having a nice day off and I'm just waiting for something exciting to happen." The girl drained her glass, standing up. "Well, I'm just going to have to make things happen, then."

Slamming her glass down on the table, the girl stood up in one motion. She picked up the sword leaning on the chair, pausing only for a moment to examine it. A smile played upon her lips, as she considered the possibilities that using the sword could create. However, she shook her head, lazily putting it in the scabbard on her back. She walked, almost floated, towards the stairs. "I'm going to find something to do. If my name isn't Opide."

((Wow, sorry guys. I'm really rusty at this. D: But I digress. Everyone is welcome to join in. I'll come up with a plot as we go along.))


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