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Post  Tamlin on Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:24 am

(( No last name. I'm not going to straight say Tamlin's backstory, just give files such as War reports, letters, etc. And yes, my character is quite old for a human.))

Report from Recruiting Offices to Commander of Alliance forces dated Year 592 of the King's Calendar.

Nothing extra special to report. Just the list of new recruits. There are alot, what with the impending attack from Kil'jaeden and the Horde. We do have one tiny thing to report. A ruffian from the slums of the Dwarven District insist he has no last name, so we can't officially have him in the military. He claims his name is Tamlin, though he has no records at all to prove it.Under normal circumstances we would not have him at all but as per your orders we are accepting all able bodied members for the coming attack.

-Vanarion Kilt
(( Rest of the letter goes on to list new recruits.))

Letter from a Soldier to his wife. Undated

My dearest,

Do not be alarmed for I am fine. Although many lives were lost during the Fall of Stormwind, fate spared mine.I and the rest of my men fought valiantly, winning many skirmishes and completing nearly all our orders. Truly we brought great honor to the Alliance...except for two soldiers. I do not recall their names. They looked like some vagabonds from the sewers or something. My battalion and I we ordered to help defend the Mage Quarters. We arrived and followed orders, defeating many Horde. After all was done there, we did a head count to see who was lost. We had no casualties as there were no Alliance bodies, however we were missing two men. The two I am telling you about. To think that my great battalion would be stained by deserters! But enough of such filth. My heart yearns to be by your side once more!


Battle Report to Commander of Alliance Forces dated 592 of the King's Calendar

During the battle for Stormwind, we received reports of a massive number of Trolls setting up base at a shop in The Park. Battalion 244 was sent in to disrupt construction of the base and kill all enemies. Upon arrival however, they came upon a room soaked in blood, with Troll and Human bodies littering the floor. First reports informed us that there was not a single survivor on either side. A second report was brought to us a few minutes later stating that one man was found unconscious within the shop. After being taken to a field hospital, nurses report that he claimed his name was simply "Tamlin" with no last name and that he was a soldier for the king's army, though no name close to Tamlin is seen within our records. During his stay at the hospital he laid on a cot next to Marshal Ley Bloodcore who lost his left eye and broke both legs. From what I understand, after talking with Tamlin for quite awhile, the Marshal spontaneously told the Nurses to bring him Knight-Captain Kilax Oran. Upon arrival, Bloodcore promoted Tamlin to Sergeant-Major , made him an official military soldier and put him under Oran's watch. This is all I have to report.

-Commander Don

(( More to come!))


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