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A dream within a dream within a dream, a dream of life.
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"My only real job is to love." -a bumper sticker. :) My other job is to be homeschooled (unschooled, most of the time- it's a philosophy, look it up if interested, it's one of my hobbies as well as one of my jobs I suppose, haha)...and to attend some University classes through Early College Start (a program where- well it's pretty self-expanatory/obvious, isn't it?). I play the violin. I like a lot of classical music and much of the music of 1960's and 1970's, perhaps because my parents are old hippies. English is a hobby of mine probably partly because Spanish was my first language. I love to play with animals. Hiking, swimming, yoga (particularly Ashtanga), camping, nature, outdoors, swimming, the springs, the beach, the ocean, the forest, flowers, making clothing especially from reused things (example, I made a skirt out of old ties), going to plays, unicorns, faeries/fairies/elves, obviously WoW (the only video game I play), massive games of Hide-and-go-Seek in the park after dark with flashlights (try it with your friends it's sooo fun...try Sardines on the same model, too. Love that game. :) )...hanging out with my brothers, hanging out with my cousins, hanging out with friends, vegetarianism, bellydance, ballet, comedy, creativity, imagination (quote Einstein: "Imagination is more important than words")....My Little Pony. Really those things are awesome. Astronomy, math, creative writing, putting on plays with friends, making home movies especially when they end up being little vendettas, little stories someone made up and it ends up being like a mini fictional film on improvisation, playwriting, too much. People. Most of all, the people of the world. We are all one, right? :) <3
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