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Post  Dahrkness on Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:27 pm

((A brief bio of the laconic Vycktor Grey.

Vycktor was born just before the first war, placing him somewhere in his early forties (as per WoWwikki timeline). If you ask him when his birthday was, he will answer "winter." As an aimless young man with no authority figures except for two elder brothers, Vycktor traveled around, working in mines, and doing some prospecting and skinning along the way. Though he managed to pick up an education of sorts, much of his earnings went to drink and... temporary, company. Over the years he grew into the role of rogue, not because he was prone to thievery or murder, but because he refused to suffer the self importance of those who demanded respect, but who had done nothing to earn it. And so the years passed. Recently, word got around that the safety of some of his regular purchasers of ore was due largely to a small independent government that called itself The Republic Of Nasam, and Vycktor just sort of fell in with them, from time to time.
Vycktor's estranged elder brothers? A warrior/mercenary in his 50's, and a practitioner of some dark arts involving demons, who appears strangely younger than other men in their 60's. Their names are unimportant for now.))


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