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Post  Nayara on Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:32 am

Name: Nayara
Gender: Female
Class: Priest
Race: Draenei
Age: Middle aged

Friendly, although somewhat reserved. Has a very dry sense of humour and tends to choose her words carefully. Very calm headed and not prone to rushing into situations without weighing out all possible outcomes prior. She has a weak spot for good food and good wine.

Nayara initially trained as a healer on her homeworld of Argus. When war came she quickly found herself wishing to see action. Before long, she took on the role of field medic; dispensing aid to soldiers in the heat of battle. The life of a healer took it's toll on Nayara however, and she soon began to feel her role as somwhat futile; having seen far too many friends die before her. Seeking to take a more active roll in combat, she began to dabble in dark, shadow magic. After a year of versing herself in this new field of magic, Nayara became a full fledged shadow priestess; dolling out death and destruction on the front lines. It wasn't until after the Exodar crashed down on Azeroth that Nayara began to draw back from the life of a professional soldier. In this new world Nayara has found fortune as an adventurer; lending her blade and spell to those who have need of it. More recently, Nayara has also gone back to the healing arts, now dividing her time between the duties of a healer and those of a shadow priest. Today, Nayara spends a large portion of her time in Stormwind City as a professional tailor. When duty calls however, she is always eager to put on her battle garb and jump into the fray once more.


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