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Post  Khordas on Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:33 am

A man not more than his late teens, perhaps 19, enters the doorway to the newly refurbished hall of theives. He's known this building since he was a child, his father raised him in the shadows and he enjoyed the mystery of it all as a child. But until this day he did not know every small detail on a rogue's life. As a child Khordas had always thought of his "life" as a game, he figured his father was just playing with him, telling him stories of assassination's and evil beings. Today was the day that he became what his father molded him to be. A weapon cloaked in shadows and more deadly than an ettin.

He walked straight up to what he thought was a reception desk of sorts, a place to make your mark and go about your day. "Hello, my name is Khordas Illar Vurtora, my fa-" He was cut off by the woman dressed in pitch black leather, "We know who you are, we have known for years, your father was a killer you know, and now you have followed your father's instructions left on his death bed here." She knew it all, which frightened Khordas slightly. He was a strong boy but mind games got the best of him, although he enjoys playing them, he hates being the victim.

After he "signed in" so to speak he made his way to the living quarters. "Your father was a killer you know," those words rang in his head. He knew that his father was something special, but as stated before he figured it was all just a game, a myth of sorts. He had thought rogues were criminals and dasterdly beings. Hiding in shadows was something that he would have to get used to, and used to quickly for his OFFICIAL training started the next morning.

After some well deserved rest after a day of exploring his new "home", Khordas awoke and slid on some rather uncomfortable leather apparati. His new skin. His dark, and shadowy new skin. Training started fairly simple, learning the ways of stealth, he excelled at something he figured he would have trouble with. Other class-mates looked at him with envy, and all he would mention "I guess it runs in the family."

He spent a few years training in poisons, stealth, strength, speed, and above all, mental stability. He achieved success in contracts given to him, and concocted a few of his own at times. He was a master rogue to be sure. Stealthy like a fox and more deadly than an ettin. Those beasts he heard of as a child really inspired him in a way he couldn't understand. Their brute strength and mentality was apaulling and yet interesting to him. Khordas constantly questioned things he was told whether story, fact, false, fiction, or basic mathematics. Always the questioner.

Khordas, now in his late twenty's early thirties is still as nimble and fast as ever. His hair resembles that of his fathers, military cut with a goatee for the ladies. A real swindler, and charming with his words and presence. He carries himself noble, and knows that he is a scrounger. He prides in his work, no matter how despicable. He has carried out few assassinations, and all the while has made sure they were legitamate. He is no murderer but for the right price, anything is possible.

Every mission he has carried out, he does in the name of his father. He remembers many things about this great man, and yet so little. Pain harbors in his heart where his father's voice and charm used to have a home. He misses him, and wishes that his father did not keep secrets of his profession.

One night after a rather long and arduous mission Khordas is sleeping, dreaming... In his dream he sees a man, standing on the edge of a ledge near the heart of Stormwind. He is powerless and unable to move. Another man enters and pushes the man off the ledge. The man turns, and Khordas sees his father. Startled Khordas awakens only to realize it was simple a dream. He's had this dream before, and is unsure of what it means...rather who the man on the ledge is...or was. Another thing frightens him more, what if his father in his dream resembles himself. Khordas strikes a rather shocking resmblance to portraits of his father and it is very similar he is forseeing the future. Khordas rests his head back down to rest once more.

The next morning he is sitting in the tavern, minding his business, drinking some Dwarven ale. Sure it's a bit early for a hard drink, but after that dream happened he needed something a bit heavy. After his morning drink, he feels a bit groggy but heads back to the Headquarters. As Khordas enters, he is instantly given a contract. "Stolen Property" in bold letters runs along the top of the paper. He takes it to the living quarters and reads his briefing.

That night he adventured out and completed his mission without a hint of suspicion. The noble had been stealing property from citizens in his province and the items needed to be returned. He dropped the items off at the local guard tower and started to make his way back home.

It was dark that night, abnormally so. As he rode his steed through the shrub and forest he could hear owls and other creatures of the night. Just as he did so, something happened that would shape him to be the man he is now. A flash of light shone brightly in front of him. His father.

Dumfounded he sat on his horse, mouth agape. His father's spirit spoke softly and still with that hint of heroism that excited Khordas, knowing that his father was a very humble and proud man. "Son, I have been watching you from beyond, you have become everything that I wanted you to become. I am very proud of you. The dream you keep having, I know it torments you, the man is is not you that killed or will kill that man, it was me. I am not proud of what I did. After that day I was never the same man. I acted the same around you, but inside I was burning with guilt. I do not want you to accept any sort of assassination contract son. The pain and heartache of seeing another man's life being drained from his face is too much for a soul to handle, and it will haunt you forever. Till the day your soul is released from your earthly bonds. Trust in me son, as you did when I told you those stories as a child, trust me and vow never to become a bloodthirsty murderer. Vow to be a rogue and uphold the laws and morals of the Alliance with great respect. Do this and you will live a long and happy life."

Unable to say much else, "I swear."

"Good my son."

His father vanished just as quickly as he appeared.

From that day Khordas was a different man. He became more aware of his actions, his thoughts, his teachings. He knew that some of the things the "brotherhood" had taught him were immoral and wrong. He now knew that he must be kind to his fellow man. He vowed also that he would bring justice into his hands as much as he could without infringing on other's rights. Looking at the contract that was just completed, he swore that nobles would no longer get away with dasterdly crimes against their own people. Violence was not the key however, it was only necessary when defending another, stealth is the true way of a rogue, not brute strength such as the ettin. It is then that Khordas realized his true potential as a rogue. He would steer clear of anything having to do with another's life.

Khordas Illar Vurtora, a man of noble resolve. A man stealthy like a fox, nimble like a gnome, and as smart as an owl. A true man, a true Rogue.


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