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Post  Ishamael811 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:53 pm

Ishamael Swiftbow was born to Thurinon and Naureth who lived in Starbreeze Village. At a young age he was a somewhat troubled boy often taken by bouts of anger uncommon among Elves. When it came time for him to choose what path he would take he surprised his elders by not choosing the path of the warrior as would befit his brash nature, but instead that of the hunter, the silent stalker of the forest. For years he trained, learning the arts of a hunter until one day a disaster befell his family. The furbolgs in the area who were always known to have a good relationship with the night elves had slowly begun to fall prey to a sinister presence that had befell the great world tree. One day when Ishamael was out hunting his family’s house that was on the fringe of the village was attacked by crazed furbolgs and his parents were killed.

Returning from his hunt to find his parents dead Ishamael was taken by grief and wept for days until he finally went before the elders of Starbreeze village and demanded that he be allowed to hunt down those who slew his parents. But he was denied… The elders would not allow him to take revenge on the normally idyllic furbolgs. The death of his parents at the hands of the furbolgs, driven mad by the corruption of the world tree, sent Ishamael into a deep brooding from which no one could penetrate. For years he sat in his family’s home thinking and it would be a long time before he left the confines of his house and entered the wilderness again. Some had hoped that in that time he would have reigned in his emotions and come to an understanding about his parents death but it would not be so, his emotions were still raw and he would continue to be the subject of concern for many of his elders in the following years.

It all came to a head one day when a druid came upon a den of furbolgs that had been recently destroyed. Its occupants found dead at the hands of a cunning trap or an arrow in the throat. Reports of the slaughter quickly spread throughout the community and there was little debate as to who had committed such heinous crimes, for many remembered the demands of Ishamael when his parents had passed away. He was called before his Elders and within the year was quietly moved out of the village and encouraged to head for the docks of Rut’theran and seek passage to the Darkshore.

In Darkshore Ishamael would find a place where his brash nature was accepted. There beyond the confines of the world tree were elves who understood the slow corruption that was taking the wilderness and fought every day to push it back. For in Darkshore many of the creatures of the wild were being twisted by seepage from the Felwood to the east. For a decade he threw himself at the task of ridding Darkshore of its taint but it would prove to be an insurmountable foe and slowly his resolve failed. Once again he returned to the deep brooding of years past as he despaired at his own incapability to beat this foe. The final blow for him came in the form of a death, a bear that he had grown attached to and traveled with throughout his stay in Darkshore finally succumbed to the corruption and one day attacked Ishamael. He was forced to kill or be killed and in the end the body of his friend lay dead on ground.

For a year he mourned the passing of the bear and then he set out from Auberdine seeking an outlet for his rage. He passed from the Darkshore into the forests of Ashenvale and came to Astranaar where a plan was underway to push the foul Orc’s out of the eastern forests and back into the Barrens. He immediately leapt at the opportunity to take out his anger on a foe that was mortal in form unlike the corruption that plagued Darkshore. In his time fighting against the Horde in Ashenvale Ishamael came under the wing of Raene Wolfrunner who slowly tempered his anger into a weapon to use against the Horde. For years now he has stalked the Horde in Ashenvale and now with the shattering of the world he has once again watched as his enemies advance while he can do naught but stand by and watch helplessly. Astranaar is under siege and the forests of Ashenvale burn and are hewn by the axes of the Horde. This time though Ishamael will not allow his dark broodings to take him… This time he will fight!


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