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Post  Ena on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:52 am

Ena Hart was a young proffesor who loved what she did and enjoyed teaching the young. She was one ofthe unfortunate to be afflicted with the curse. She was transformed into a feral beast. A worgen. She was a menace to the people of Gilneas like the many other worgens who ran free.

Gilneas were still working on a cure when Ena was captured by a townsfolk. Instead of killing her or turning her in, he kept her as a pet. He kept her in a cage in his home and showed his friends he had a pet worgen. His friends had asked him what he would name her. He paused for a moment and thought...Finally he said "I'll name her Hyeena." His friends asked "What fer?"

He pointed at her and said "Well look at her. She looks scruffy and her fur is ruffled. She looks just like one!" His friends looked at the worgen and began to agree that she did look like one. After running free for so long, Ena began to look for feral by each day she was free until she was caught.

It had been months since she was caught. Her captor was approaching her with a slab of meat, when there was a bang at the door.

To be continued...


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