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Post  Silvaronin on Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:40 pm

The long Ice enchanted pole-arm pierced through my chest. “Damn your tricks, If not for your tricks Robin, I would have ended you long ago.” My movements were growing sluggish, And my life fluids were pouring out of the wound she had inflicted. Her Ice had frozen over the place of my cut. My life was almost gone. I had no will to move, no reason to. She was who I wished to be with for eternity, Even at the moment of her assault I did not question my love for my Taerigosa.
My family was rather small. At least that is what I am told by my Shan'do, Albagorm. He said I had a Beautiful mother, And a simple father. I also have a brother, An Older more Malevolent brother.
When my father had come to Albagorm, He had with him a young boy and a Very pregnant wife. Albagorm saw them as his children allowing them to live in his glade and protecting them from harm. Only after two weeks within the glade, I was about to step into the world. My mother died shortly after giving birth to me. Albagorm said it was due to a challenged heart. My father in shock, left my brother and myself to Albagorm. My father was never heard from again. He left with us names, and that was all. Robin Windswept Was to be my name. And I was going to be trained as a Druid.
When I was Seven, I began the healing portion of my Training. Albagorm had taught me to speak with all life. Now he thought it time to see how I would fare with actual magic. “To receive life” He said in a Happy way,”Is to give life.” He hadn't yet explained my mothers absence, For I did not truly know I was to be looking. He lead me to an opening in the glade where fauna had been known to give birth. He smiled and Said smoothly, “There is a mother giving birth now.” I couldn’t believe my own eyes. There was a small baby Fauna where there had been none. Alba, as he allowed me to call him, walked over to where the mother seemed to lay still. There shown a great green light, And the mother stood up. She rushed to her newborn and helped the new baby stand. As they ran away from the Glades entrance I looked at my Shan'do and said Excitedly “I wish to heal! Please teach me to heal!”. As my brother watched this, He stared in Disgust. “What kind of magic is this?” His training in the arcane that he toyed with seemed all the more impressive to him. There was no matrix here. All his reading over scrolls and books seemed to misplace him in such a Glade as beautiful as this.
A few short weeks later, I had handled my first healing spell. It wasn’t as effective as I wanted it. The idea was to heal fast but still over time. It had worked on the plants I had tried it out on. I even had a compliment or two from them. Then without warning, A large fauna cry was heard over the peaceful silence. I called for my teacher. Nothing. I ran to where I heard the cry. There was my brother, A sadistic look on his face. He held a large rock in his hand, And he stood over the mother fauna. I ran to the Wounded animal. Its neck had been cracked. There was a stillness that frightened me, A chill ran through my back as I watched it twitched in pain. I called on my healing spell, The only one I knew. The small green circle just washed over the Deer. It was still dying, Nothing I could do. Then without a moments Realization, She died. No life could be felt, The newborn ran up to the mother and whined. My brother chuckled cruelly, “Some druid you are, What is your worth if you can not handle a simple Fauna.” My head spun and I Screamed “Zeltyn, You bastard!” My fists barreled into his chest over and over again. I could tell my Punches were nothing to him. Zeltyn threw me back a huge ways, Then our eyes met and I could see his eyes shimmer something Magical. He created the fireball in his hands and Arched his hand back. “ENOUGH OF THIS”. A large Stag appeared between us. But it was no stag. “Albagorm'! I ran to him and Hugged his long legs. He stared at my brother for a long time. It was later decided That my brother was to be sent to another place. One where he could study his magic. The details to me are foggy as I wasn’t there when he left. Now My training would really begin.
“You don’t wish to heal?” Alba said with his words full of sorrow. He knew why. He understood that I felt weak, Why healing to me would be alienated. He showed me a new magic. One of an internal balance with ones own heart and that of this world called Azeroth. The magic itself was made up of Arcane and Natural energies. Not healing energy, This was the magic of Justice. It was punishment to those who have offended Azeroth. He taught me of the beast used by druids to enhance their abilities with it. A beast known as a Moonkin, Created by the mother moon herself. I grew in my abilities. My life was about to be Tossed around. My heart was about to love for the first time.
When It was my fifteenth year, I was summoned to Lord Albagorms side. I ran there as fast as I could sensing something out of place. Some new powerful creature was near my teacher. As I approached though, I was greeted with a large smile and two large red beasts. Not just any beasts, Dragons. They both looked at me as if I were a meal, Then however they carried on the conversation they were having with my Shan'do. “So as you can see, It may be best to leave her here.” the larger red said. Albagorm Responded as if he were a father to this stranger. “Of course, Its just I don’t believe My boy Robin has ever seen a female before.” I quickly Countered “ I see females all the time, Why I was just singing with a nice female bird!” All the creatures gathered seem to chuckle at my words. “No Robin, I just meant one of your own size.” I sat confused for a moment. Then I saw movement between the two dragons. First I saw a small hand. Then what stood before me was a beautiful female, looking back on it she looked more human than anything however her eyes shimmered blue, She politely bowed and said “ I am Taerigosa.” I stammered for about a minute while Albagorm Let out what sounded like a howl of laughter. “I am Robin.” I finally managed to get out. She smiled and then the Larger red dragon looked seriously at Albagorm. “Please guard her life, Mind that she never loses her necklace.” It had escaped my vision before. Around her neck was a lovely necklace made of a small blue stone and a white chain to keep it safe. “I will see to it that she does not leave this Glade.” And with that the dragons said goodbye to Taerigosa. They took off with such speed I fell on my back due to the wind. Taerostazsa rushed to me and helped me get up. We looked at each other, and for a moment I did not wish to look away. Her eyes were singing to me. They danced where I wished to be, Magic shone all around. But no anger was here. In her eyes I saw Where my father met my mother. I saw that she too could not look away from me. Then from out of nowhere, I heard a large uncomfortable snort that could only be one person. Albagorm Ordered me to make Taerostazsa a house. She would stay in her mortal form while she was staying here. Apparently a Tragedy happened to most of the blue flight, So It made sense not to make herself known.
After a while our friendship blossomed into a much more serious thing. We were going to be mates. I loved this mortal shell, And she truly loved me. Albagorm Did not say anything when I told him. “We will be wed this next new moon. Please do me the honor.” Instead of answering, He smiled and then nodded. He would do it. I was going to get married. “I have Buissness to handle north of here” Albagorm said quickly after his agreement. “I will be back in time, Don’t worry” He said as he knew he was comforting me. After he left I went to my wife to be home. She was sitting inside, Staring at her necklace. “What is that necklace anyway”? I asked. She looked up and quietly said “ It is a magic of the simplest sorts. In the most powerful manner.” She continued “ It creates what the wearers heart desires.” I walked towards her, then sat with her. “ And what might that be”? “To be here, with you, forever”. I kissed her lips, wishing that this would last forever.
“Brother!” I was greeted by my own flesh and blood and he seemed to be a lot more in control than he use to. I gave in to a smile, not seeing him for over 60 years. “I have missed you” I said sincerely. He quickly returned with “And I hear you are getting married, Where is this lovely elf.” My face showed that I did not like the term. “She is no elf. But a beautiful dragon.” His face Grinned wickedly and Said “Of what flight is she then?”
“My my brother, Marrying a dragon with no cultural knowledge.”
“I suppose she could tell you.” And with that I took my brother to my beloved.
“This is my brother, Zeltyn.”
“A pleasure”. He said without a second to spare. “And this is my Beloved, Taero”. She smiled and bowed. “ Taerigosa is my proper name, But Taero works just fine.”
More Attuned with the magical energies at play, My brother looked at the necklace she wore. “What an incredible magic surrounding this necklace”. I could see that this conversation was no place for my mind. I left them to enjoy the wonders of the art they both wished to achieve. I left the house, and met up with my dearest friend Walter. Walter was a treant that had trouble with his water intake. We liked to fish together in the nearby stream. But today was a strange day. He looked at me with sad graying eyes and kept saying “sorry”. I was certain that he had just been his old self. However, When the cold hit my chest I could see his sorrow in my own wounds. I had been cut by an enchanted weapon of some sort. As I looked down, I saw that it was Taero's magically created pole-arm. I spun and let out and inhibiting wind. But when I saw who was my opponent, I dropped my spell. It was my beloved, Her eyes no longer playing with mine. I saw a deep hatred, For me. How could this be. But all it took to figure out was a simple glance at her neck. A deep, evil purple swirled its madness around the blue gem I was so indebted to. She struck again, Inflicting a large gash on my right arm. I could feel my body start to be taken over by cold. I couldn't move. Not because I was slowly getting my blood frozen, But because my love, my life, Had tried to kill me. It was then, Then I saw my brother. He stood before us both. He let out a cackle and Screamed “MAGIC IS MINE TO CONTROL”! My brother wished me dead, So he manipulated the magic of the necklace to take my life. Tears pouring down Taero's Face made me realize this Spell was only using her Physical body. The cackling ceased as a portal was where my brother once had been. He was gone, And my eyes looked at Taero, Begging for this to be a nightmare. But this Was no nightmare, I needed to save her. With a large shout I summoned a ball of natures wrath in my freezing hand, and with it I shot it directly at the necklace.
A large shattering occurred, and massive amounts of blood was forming between me and my beloved. Her chest was open, secreting as many life fluids as I was. We were dieing and would have If I hadn’t remembered a spell Alba once spoke of. I gently grabbed her dying body and held it close to mine. A sharp green light penetrated the grove and I called it to save us both. The large voice in my head Said “ONE.” I cursed myself for not thinking of it sooner, I could only save one of us. I reached into Taerigosa's chest and touch her heart, Our wounds Closed up immediately. The bond was made, Using magic to amplify the spell, I had very quickly formed a magical bond with my mate. If I died she would Die, and If She died, I would die. I passed out after the spell was cast. My body needed to sleep, How cold I had become. The only thing I remember were hearing Large wings flap down.
“She is gone”. Albagorm said the moment I had opened my eyes. “You are dying Robin, The explosion of the Glade was to much”.
“The glade has been what?”
“Destroyed, Arcane magics against such natural energies end dangerously.”
“She tried to kill me Alba.”
“Please forgive me Robin.” And with that he lay me to sleep. For five thousand years I was sealed within a Tree. Alba wanted me to recover, But he didn’t have the time or magical means to heal me, So sealing me within a tree would heal me to my original strength. The guardian he had set for me when I awoke was a feverish young Hyppogryph, Already knowing where to take me. I hadn’t aged as far as I could feel, But Taero was still alive to, some questions would need to be answered.

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Post  Lalyta on Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:00 am

((( Why did you erase the story for Silvaronin? It was so beautiful that I'd go to it when I was down and it would touch me very deeply and cheer me up. Really. I wish I had copied and posted it on my computer so I'd forever have it. That original backstory of him you posted on here was....gosh I don't even have the words. That good. Such a pure and lovely being and radiating with the essence of aaah no words will do it justice. I love the original Silva more than trees! No maybe not that much, that's hyperbole, but really, I miss him immensely. *Is actually a little close to crying, that's how much she misses him* Sad If you have a copy of the original somewhere I'll pay you or whatever it is I have to do to get a copy of it or you to post it back on here and just put a note saying that it's not his backstory anymore that was just the original version. You and anyone else for that matter can email me at (yeah lol at my email <3). <3 <3 <3 Smile loveeee. you're a lovely person. man things got DARK, perverse, and creepy in Republic the past like 4 months they used to be a lot happier and brighter and more PG-13 or something. i blame cata. it was great for the first month...but now its ruining stuff and though i pretty much started playing just about 3 weeks or so before it came out i was totally hooked those 3 weeks and miss it and dang what i'd give for a BC wow, lol- to like be transported back in time to 2007 or whenever ages ago it came out. ok love love. and really i'll pay you for that story. so worth it even if it renders lalyta and shodasha broke. oh hey obviously some of the things i said have nothing to do with your story i just mean people are much more depressing in general in their RP lately. robin is interesting that is my comment on him, jajaja. by the way what ever happened to silvaronin the forest wanderer? *loves him* i keep wanting to ask you in-game then get shy then want to ask other people and they just sort of hint that things are complicated. shodasha, lalyta, and i all miss him mucho mucho mucho. now to end with...*Happy dancing, true love, world peace and the Doors playing* Smile ))


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