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Post  Matrina on Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:08 am

December 5th, ((2010)): It comes to the attention of the Republic that the water does not taste right in Valiance Keep. After several hours of study and experimentation, Scholars isolated a chemical that is highly reactive when extracted from the water and food supply. The chemical is unknown but it is a liquid and is purple. Kierie and Matrina begin planning a massive effort to find what is this chemical and what or who put it there.

Dec. 20th: Two weeks have passed since the discovery of the purple chemical. Matrina and Kierie have fashioned 10 Soil Collecting vials. Matrina is in Dalaran, studying her brains out. Kierie distributes the 10 vials to Republic volunteers and tells them to collect soil samples from Farshire, Valiance Keep, Fizzcrank Airstrip, Southshore, Auberdine, the Western Plaguelands, Northern Stranglethorn Vale, Mount Hyjal, Aera 52, and Honor Hold. They are given one week to colelct the soil samples. In the meantime, citizens who live if Valiance Keep and Farshire become ill. Food supplies are taken from the public and stored away, leaving only imported goods for the public, which isn't much.

Dec. 27th: More people have become increasingly interested in the mysterous chemical. Matrina and Kierie explain to a decent size crowd what has been happening with the advancement of this crisis. Matrina summons forth Labratory Equipment and askes each of the soil samples be deposited into the beakers. Three soil samples turn purple: Valiance Keep, Farshire, and Southshore. Southshore had recently been taken over by the Forsaken. The group decides that the Forsaken must be behind it and that they are creating a new strain of the Plague and testing it on the Republic. "They are doing what the Lich King did those many years ago."
A five step plan is created to cope and deal with this new Plague:
1. All of Republic's food is to be destroyed in order to stop any possible spread of the Plague. It hasn't worked yet, so they're not taking any risk.
2. Food and water is to be imported through gifts by Druids, Holy men and women, Magi, and anyone that can help the Republic.
3. A scout from the Miltiary District is to go to Southshore and discover if the Forsaken are, in fact, making a new Plague.
4. The Trade District is to moderate the income, inspection, and distribution of incoming food donations.
5. The Scholar District is to begin research on a possible neutralizer for the new Plague strain to stop or at least stall the production of the strain.
This plan is to be approved by the Senate Sunday, the Second of January.

Jan. 2nd ((2011)): The Senate passes the plan previously described along with an amendment to the Constitution changing the naturalization process for the Republic. Trade district oversees the income food and water from several sources such as druids, Church of the Light. A well timed scouting mission conducted by the Military District on Southshore reveals that indeed the Forsaken are forging and testing a new strain of the Plague. A sample is retrieved and brought back to the Scholar District which has been working on finding a way to kill the strain. All of these endevoures have been funded by dungeoneering done by the Sentinel District.

Jan. 10th: AbSenator Matrina of the Scholar District makes a break through with the Plague strain. She discovers that this stain is actually a type of modified fungus and she assumes that it can be killed by a potent fungicide.

Jan. 16th: Election polls open as the first election where the whole Senate is re-elected. The next day, the polls close with Matrina as the Senator for the Scholar District, Aritya as the Senator for the Trade District, Sprixx as the Senator for the Sentinel District, and Zember as the Senator for the Military District.

Jan. 17th: After days of work, Matrina has come up with a possible mixture that will create a powerful Fugnicide. She, however, does not have the time to retreive the items as they are hard to find and she has been doing the necessary paperwork for the Scholar District in the absense of Kierie Stark. Matrina, after winning the Senate seat for the Scholar District, approaches the Republic with the challenge of finding this components and bringing them to Matrina to attempt to kill the Plague strain. She requires Wolf's Bane, Light Blossom, Mam'toth's Blood, Water from the Well of Eternity, Tallium Powder, and Blackstone Powder.

Jan. 23: As an act of the Senate: People in the Military District who are inactive in their duty for a month or repeatedly do not show up to defend the Republic will be demoted or asked to consider transferring districts; Citizens of the Republic that are part of a District and of the Third Rank in the District or higher will have access to the Republican Treasure for repairs to their armor; Those who can craft armor and other various items will be given funds from the Treasurey to use their profession for other citizens of the Republic only with permission of District Leaders, Senators, or the Commander-in-Chief. Crafters can still use their professions freely but they will only be given Republic funds from the Senators, District Leaders, or Commander-in-Chief; and The Trade District will begin leading expeditions into various dungeons and caverns for those citizens who are lower seasoned.

Jan. 29: Finally, after having all the materials for the fungicide, Matrina makes a batch to test on the strain of Plague. It did nothing except release Plague spores into the air. She comes to the conclusion that she needs water from the Well of Eternity from before Hyjal was half burned. Convinently, the Sentinels were leading an expedition into the Caverns of Time to the Battle of Mount Hyjal the next day. She planned to come along and collect the water so that she may finally make an agent to kill off this Plague strain.

Jan. 30: As an act of the Senate: The Senate shall serve as a supreme court for the Republic. The Senate shall be a court of appeals, as described in the Republican Constitution Article Three, Section Two, Freedom Seven, with original jurisdiction over the trials of federal officials as well as cases of District versus District or Citizen versus District. In cases of non-federal official trials, a jury of three jurors that are chosen at random not from the District of the accused shall determine guilt or innocence with a randomly selected Senator as the Judge who shall determine punishment if the verdict is guilty.
A policing force will be created in the Republic under the direct control of the Senate. The Senate shall appoint a Commissioner of the Policing Force who will deal with the day-to-day proceedings of the Policing Force. Any citizen who is registered with a District may serve in the Policing Force. Any action that does not include typical proceedings of the policing force must be sanctioned by the Senate. Day-to-day proceedings include: Protecting and patrolling the cities and territories of Republic, Ensuring that Republican law is upheld by any person within Republican land, and Keeping the peace in times of riot or civil unrest. The Senate may expand upon the typical proceedings of the Policing Force. The Policing Force may arrest those who are not compliant with Republican Law; however, the arrested must be given a trial with the knowledge of the accusation(s) within 72 hours of being arrested.
The Senate must now specify future acts that can be viewed as crimes as High Crimes, Lesser Crimes, or Minor Offenses. High Crimes include but are not limited to murder, Constitution infringement, treason, theft or embezzlement any object or actual amount that is valued at one thousand gold or more, or election fraud. Lesser Crimes include but are not limited to assault either sexual or physical, theft or embezzlement of any object or actual amount that is valued between one hundred gold and one thousand gold, or defamation when such is false. Minor Offenses include but are not limited to public indecency, theft of any object or actual amount that is valued less than one hundred gold, or ignoring the orders of a policing officer. High Crimes of Citizens can be punishable by death, imprisonment up to 5 years, removal of rank citizenship, and/or heavy fines. Lesser Crimes of Citizens can be punishable by imprisonment for up to three months and/or medium fines. Minor Offenses can only be punishable by imprisonment for a maximum of two days and/or a light fine. Punishments are determined by the Judge presiding over the trail after the jury has heard testimony from the prosecution and the defendant and have come back with a verdict of guily beyond resonable doubt.
If a person is convicted of five minor offenses, he or she is to lose one rank in his or her District. If they are not part of a District, they are to be removed from the Republic. If a person is convicted of three lesser crimes, he or she is to lose one rank in his or her District. If a person is convicted of a lesser crime and they are not in the Republic, they are to be removed from the Republic. If a person is convicted of a high crime, he or she is to lose one rank in his or her District. If they are not part of a District, they are to be removed from the Republic.

Feb. 8th: After two and half years of uninterupted Senate service, Matrina Kalithas steps down from the Senate for personal reasons.


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