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Post  raibead on Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:31 am

The saga of Raibead

((ooc the following is my 1st appempt to make a bio for my paladin raibead is a 150 year dwarf male))

“Come lad sit by the fire and warm ye bones.” “Never mind ye post lad I dare say by Raibead’s beard it’s too cold out there fer any creature of da night” “What ye never heard of the Ballad of Raibead?” “ Well sit fer a spell and maybe dis ‘ole dwarf can teach ye a thing of two” Then in a low growl the old dwarf started to hum then after a moment he sung.

((OOC following is supposed to be translated from dwarven so rhyme scheme is off ___ = a brief pause and --- = drag the word out ~~~~= the hundreds of other verses that were skipped here to get to the point))

“T’was a stormy night so very long ago-----o when thru da foggy mist she drift and sailed
A ship but barely above da water---mark with sail and mast asun----der she all but fell apart
Her decks alight she t’was a fright, like a ghost from da gloom but by the fire light he glowed
Her captain stood alone at the whee----l his face was grim-- and hate glowed thought his eyes
That were fixed not upon the shore but upon the departed woman that at his feet did lay
But as the banners snapped and lightning broke the dead of night __a babe cried out from fright
T’was the fate of this cruise of the damn----ed that all remained t’was lord and son to bear his shame
For Brindbeards clan did sail for foreign lands to make their fame but paid the cost and as all was lost
By morning time a maiden did ride___ upon the coast and find nepturiun’s sign of the cost of pride
When she thought all was for a loss she heard the cry of the child that by light’s grace did survived
To Ironforge the maid did ride as the orphan son of the lord t’was brought to our High king’s sight
With wisdom befit his grace and might our king did give the babe to the maid to raise lest the son
Must bear the fathers shame and Brinebeard’s Clan and name t’was stricken and never to be sung
The babe grew into a man both stout and strong, with axe he bravely fought clan less for da crown
Then one day da king did say for Raibead to ride and fight the undead tide by Prince Arthas’ side
With human kind and elf alike our hero did serve with pride til’ the grave dark day did come his way
The ill fates decreed that in the town of Stratholme all would fall to treachery. As the order came
From a prince who lost his sanity our hero did his duty and wept as his axe bit the necks of babes
With grief and hope shattered Raibead did desert his war band that night and became lost from sight
For years he traveled near and far seeking always looking for a fight , a duel, a battle to end his life
to that end through the dark portal he made his flight to wage the endless war on demons of the night
T’was at the gates a Shattarath he lay about to die and with peace on his mind leave this world behind
He soon awoke to find that naaru had another thing in store, his body as well as his mind restored
There in that holy city he did find ____ that even in the darkness of his heart the light could shine
Through battles were still to be fought in the war for the Light our hero did lay down his axe and
Wield a hammer of light , now sinner became living saint and the clan less a paladin of the holy light
Now to Ironforge our hero did return once thought lost _____ determined his honor he would earn
Now prince turn tyrant lord of the damned his host of scourge would in darkness this land entwine
To the north to face this undead horde our hero did ride t’was only in the bleakest of time that
friends he would find and together they would learn that the darkest hour never comes in the night
Now atop his lance the Silver hand’s banner did fly and the light holy fire did shine from his eyes
Noble Raibead fought with hammer in hand and oaths of retribution and protection in his heart
Now with comrade slain t’was with his friend’s son Wilhelm being da name that he fought again
Under different banners with the Republic of Nasam’s name our hero fought with different allies
but enemy was the same. And with light’s grace that when the final battle drew to a close The Republic ‘s
Banner waved from that evil city and yet another war drew to a close, Raibead was called to the throne
High king with honor called Raibead to his side seeing his deeds declared the clan of Brinebeard restored
To an honor Raibead as a reward. Now as Lord of his Clan Raibead called forth with a blush and a grin
Outta outland ta Ironforge they came to his side for even a paladin aint' free from sin from time to time
With all his bastard children Clan Brinebeard was born again now left to rebuild his ance----stral home
Then the world did shake and with a quake t’was shattered and our hero did ride with republic again
for all t’was not happily ever after.”

The old dwarf then pause and took a sip from hid mug of ale and glared at the lad before him “ WHAT? No I didn’t just make all that up, you ungrateful little Git!!” and with that the young dwarf was thrown out of the old dwarf’s tent without ever hearing the end of the Saga of Raibead.


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