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Crysixx, The Dream to Heal the World! Empty Crysixx, The Dream to Heal the World!

Post  Sprixx on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:17 am

( Another rough draft contribution for my most recent character, my Worgen druid, please enjoy, post criticisms what have you.Smile)
(Quick edit, made a minor lore error and I just needed to correct it)

A very knowledgable boy from the Drakenmore family, well educated, and was planned to be the heir to the family fortune. Younger brother to Sprixx (Edgar), he was raised well and learned a lot from his "big brother". Six years ago, his brother left home, saying his parents were evil. He didn't want him to leave but he couldn't convince him otherwise. Edgar changed his name to Sprixx to show honor and respect to the deceased, however Zale missed the point completely, he just thought it was cool and showed power. Zale was never overly excited about the family business and tried to reason with his parents, only to be met by a swift right hand to the face. It was only recently that he left home, saying that he was done with the oppression and that he didn't need the business, or their dirty money... Well, not really, he took a large amount of gold with him. He was going to be a hero, with a cool name like his brother. So he dubbed him self Crysixx, hero of the people and healer of the land!

Zale used his family influence and money to get his hands on a small cruise boat and began to set sail for adventure and glory. His true goal was to find power and to prove his worth, but he had no idea where to begin. He sailed for days trying to find places to get stronger and people to help, he had no luck. His luck was so bad he found himself caught in a storm, the boat didn't survive, he nearly didn't live either. He washed up on the shore of a mysterious land (mysterious to him) and awoke in a daze to see what looked like a guard talking to another guard "Oi, some lad washed up here... Wait... He's alive!" The two guards helped him up and took him into town. He was told the city was Gilneas, a fairly large settlement separated from most of civilization. Zale introduced himself as Crysixx and was nursed back to good health. He began to wonder around the town and got to meet some new people, including Prince Liam Greymane. Him and the Prince spoke quite a bit about how they were so kind for saving him and helping him out, and for everything they did. Zale then offered to do anything he can to make up for it, to help out, to protect the town, whatever he could do. Liam told that he would sleep on it, and that Crysixx should be sleeping, as well. A loud crash awoke him and he ran outside. A mighty battle had broken out between the people of Gilneas and strange monsters unlike anything he had seen before. Liam shouted "Ah! An extra set of hands, help us with these Worgen!" followed by throwing Zale a rapier from a nearby rack. Zale charged into the streets feeling, brave and prepared to prove how strong he could be. This was his time to shine, the time to prove his worth. When he arrived at the city center he saw all the worgen and all the people falling to them. He wasn't ready for this... So he ran away from the battle, he chickened out. He found himself in a building only moments later, hiding underneath a flight of stairs watching his allies fight bravely. He was attacked by one of the worgen only to be saved by a warrior. The warrior swept the worgen away with a large axe, helped Zale to his feet, and introduced him self as "Mule" before disappearing into the night. He had enough, he was scared, he was fairly sure he wet himself. So he left for the way he came in, through the woods. This proved to be a poor idea as he was jumped by one of those worgen creatures and was bitten. Zale freaked out, some very well hidden instinct must have went off in him as he threw the worgen over his shoulder to the floor and proceeded to punch it until it was unconcious, he had no idea where it came from but it worked for him. Though Zale is very smart, he didn't know what this meant and ran. He ran so far away. The gate to town was in sight when he began to feel weak. He was so weak, his vision blurred, he was pretty sure that he saw tonnes of soldiers by the gate, humans almost... He fell to his knees, and passed out.

He was out for hours, days, years, who knows? All he knows is that he awoke in a daze with a man hovering over him talking to an associate that was with him. "That was the easiest one yet, he practically slept through it. He looked more scared than anything else, maybe a good sign?" echoed from their lips before things became clear, he gargled out "Where am I? What happened?" The man responded "You're a straggler. The escape boat is leaving now, you could be in trouble if we don't hurry." Zale was incredibly confused but just went along with it and followed. Then he looked at his hands, those weren't his hands. He look at his feet, those weren't his feet. He touched his nose and he was damn sure that was not his nose! He took a moment to realize what had happened, he had became one of those monsters. He fell to his knees and started to cry uncontrollably. The man sighed and knelt next to him "Calm down man! You are an adult, stop your bawling!" Zale tried to stop but couldn't. He was devastated, he didn't know what to do, he couldn't go home... He wondered what his big brother would say. "Get up! We need to go now!" the man shouted and started dragging Zale to his feet and pulled. He (after much crying) got to the escape boat with Zale and they got away to Darnassus. He was scared... He was alone... He had gone searching for power... He had found it but he wanted to give it back.

Zale began to head to a boat that went to Stormwind, to find his family... However, before he could catch the boat a young night elf woman approached him, she said "I feel your sorrow, your dilemma. Maybe I can help you." Zale was intrigued and followed her. She briefly taught him how to control his transformations, so he could hide what he was, maybe he could fit in this way. This also included a basic lesson in the druidic arts, which he took to quite well, most of which was healing magic and he planned on following this path closely, maybe he could still heal the world.

He did eventually catch his boat, and the first person he met honestly shocked him. It was his brother Sprixx. Sprixx stared for a moment before hugging him saying "Oh my god your alive! When mom and dad said you ran away I nearly flipped out!". Zale replied "Aw, dont worry, I wanted to prove to them that I was strong like you, I even changed my name to something cool like you, I'm Crysixx now!" Sprixx chuckled, "I think you missed the point, but i'm just glad your okay, now you should head home, daddy's little prodigy is probably missed." Zale looked to the ground. Sprixx's eyes followed Zale's. Zale quietly said "I... Can't... I-I messed up... Please don't be mad..." Sprixx narrowed his stare. "What happened Zale? Are you okay?" Zale pulled Sprixx to an empty alleyway to show him what he had become, he showed his worgen form. Zale began to cry. "Zale... How... You idiot! How could you let this happen! I told you time and time again not to try something so stupid, did all the letters explaining the dangers of the outside world mean nothing?! Zale... I..." Zale tried to hug Sprixx. Sprixx pushed him back and punch Zale with everything he had. Zale was knocked back to his rear, still in tears. "But big brother! Why?! I thought... I thought you cared about me..." Sprixx stared back at him. "You fool! Of course I do! That's why I hit you, you need to learn that life is hard, and everything isn't going to fall out of the sky!" He sighs "You should hide your form, you'll be safer, I want you to seek out the republic, a man with antlers will be your guide. Be careful. When you're ready, i'll teach you how to fight like a true warrior. For now learn how to fend for yourself, I did, if you can, maybe you can get the strength that you pine for" Sprixx walked away calmly leaving young Zale behind. As Zale got to his feet, his mind filled with thoughts like "I'll show him, I'll be strong, I am Crysixx, I WILL heal the world!" He took his human form and walked away with a chuckle.

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