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Name: Yukihyo
Gender: Female
Age: Very Old
Class: Druid

Physical description: This night elf's hair is white as snow, and unkempt. She could likely be taken to be lazy from the disarray of her clothing. Her skin is nearly as pale as her hair. Her eyes betray her, writing her emotions clearly for all to see. The lay of her eyes upon her face reveal a sadness not bothered to be kept hidden. The most remarkable thing about her though, is most likely how very unremarkable she appears.

Personality: Yukihyo could be described as anxious when found in her native form, (If you can find her in her native form.) She still finds herself straining to become accustomed to humanoid interaction. She is very kind to most people when she does speak, if slightly cynical when irritated. She frequently retreats to a feline form when uncomfortable or frightened. Yukihyo takes on an entirely different persona in her feline forms. (Perhaps brought about by her long exposure to the forms.) She has a very feral sense of humor and expresses it freely. Her instincts run deeply toward cautious, and yet she will fight tooth and nail for whatsoever she feels she needs protect. (This ranges from spirits to life to youth and into other areas as well all very random.) Unrelated, there is a definite agenda behind her actions while in any form. She has purpose however willing she may be to discuss it. (Note: It is unlikely that this character would have any interest whatsoever in a romantic union of any kind, including casual ones.)

Philosophy: Rather untraditional for a druid, Yukihyo spent long years killing as a feline. Her regard for life "appears" to be rather low in most cases for a "druid". Perhaps she could be defined as fallen. She does not usually take well to maliciousness toward nature however, as she defines this to be different than killings of convenience.

Skills: The priestess who reintroduced Yukihyo to Night Elven society (Metah) insisted that she learn to harness her skills to heal the land and her fellow night elves. Yukihyo has learned much to add to her skills as a feline stalker, but she is still less than capable in any other form of combat than tooth and claw.

Phobias and Pet Peeves: She detests demons and other like creatures with fell smells. She is fond of taking the most precarious path available to her destination. She distrusts the act of riding larger animals. She cannot even approach large scale combat without losing her nerve.

Special Possessions: It is unlikely that her mind could grasp a particular object to be so very important as to ensure it's safekeeping for a long time at all.

Origins: Yukihyo's history dates back to long ago when she was still very young, (by her peoples standards of measurement.) A fell power entered the world and cast her people into a state of turmoil. What is known of her is that at this time she fled her people and their trials for the safety of the forests. Her caretaker at the time was a young druid who perhaps irresponsibly taught her to hone an inherent understanding of cats. The ability to shift into a saber aided greatly in her escape. It has been recorded by a Night Elf priestess (Metah) that Yukihyo spent long periods of time as a feline, to the degree that upon her reentry into Night Elf society she was forced to relearn most of her peoples language. She was rather unwillingly forced from her natural habitat by the most recent of wars, and taken by a priestess (Metah) to be guided toward her goals. She has somewhat chaotically stumbled about society since then grasping at bits of something she is in search of. Recently she has been persuaded that her efforts might be better placed within the unity of an organized group.

Details. ( I will attempt to keep this portion up to date.) just the blah blah blah if ur really interested in the motives etc stuff.

When Yukihyo was very young and the war reached her home there were alot of deaths. She had the misfortune of finding herself in the midst of what amounted to slaughter. Perhaps because of the violence involved or perhaps because of her upbringing she found herself hearing the screams of the dying even after they were dead. The spirits in the place were so terrified that they unwittingly tortured the young Kal'dorei with their cries. This and the surrounding violence caused her to flee and her means of escape (shifting to a cat) turned out to also be a means of escaping the voices of the spirits. Consequently she never did return to her natural form untill thousands of years later.

As a feline in the wild away form her people after her flight Yukihyo learned to be very much like a real cat. In both action and thought, however she did retain her intelligence and it cannot be said that she did not stand out some. Many Kal'dorei learned of her true nature throghout the years without interfering, however she did not know they knew, nor did she think on it much as she had grown accustomed to the life she lived. Some 8 thousand years ago Yukihyo began to create a family in the wild among the cats. She found new mates each generation and her tree of life grew and shrunk according to fate as cats lives go in the wild. For nearly ten thousand years Yukihyo hid from her minds pains in the form of a cat untill the day war brought death to her entire family for the second time.

When war tore her family down for the second time the reaction was wholy different. When she approached the sentinels of Feathermoon and pleaded for a means to stop the destruction in the world they had no easy answer for her and so she was coerced into traveling to the temple of the moon in Darnassus where the priestesses helped her to relearn society and promised her a means. She was taught to fight the evil and so she has since then. For Yukihyo life is an ever spinning balance of frustration and pain with the death and despair she continually fails to prevent, and the need to escape. The sounds of fighting still scare her even as a cat and her will to fight has often wavered vs her will to change the status quo so that she may live in peace. Her hardest trials come from spirits though. As Yukihyo began to spend more and more time in her natural form again she began to hear the cries of uneasy spirits again. It remains a physical and mental trial for Yukihyo to remain in her natural form for any extended time.


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