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Post  Rorach on Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:21 pm

Seeing as I've regained my memories, and being that I am now General, I believe I should share a bit of my past. My name, or my birth name rather, is Archon Xythor. I was born and raised on Draenor more than ten thousand years ago. As I grew, I trained in the ways of the Light as a Paladin. My skills were noticed and I was assigned as part of Velen's personal guard. Wherever he went, we followed and stayed hidden from the public. After years of guarding Velen, I was made captain of the guard.
After years of protecting Velen and the eredar from harm, we were forced to leave Draenor. Our guard was ordered by Velen to protect those boarding the ship that was to take us all away from our dying home. Orcs, monsters, and demons of every kind chased and killed my people as they fled toward the ship. My comrades and I fought with all our might to defend those trying to get away, gladly giving our very lives so that others could live. While doing battle with our enemies, my comrades fell. I was the only one of the guard left fighting. As the last of my people ran to the ship I heard screaming. These screams were different, they were worse than the crying children, than the fallen warriors or the scared mothers. Then, as I finished off the last of the enemies surrounding me, there was a mass moving towards me. A towering, ugly monster, the likes of which in all my years I had never seen came at me, swinging only his monstrous clawed hands.

(Will be continued later.)


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