Death comes to us all....

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Death comes to us all.... Empty Death comes to us all....

Post  Nakturr on Sun Nov 14, 2010 4:33 am

Sitting in my perch staring down at the unsuspecting horde group traveling alliance borders late at night awaiting the signal from my superior officer to make the kill or to follow. My eyes left the group for a moment long enough to see Lorraine give the signal and I reflected the moonlight from my blades to signal Shenlong another fellow rogue as he then slipped into attack position with Loraine and myself. Any rogue worth anything will tell you a healer is a main priority in taking a group when the odds are stacked against you and 5 against us 3 we had to be careful.

Shenlong sapped their healer removing him from the group who did not take care to notice their commrade in our hands. From the look of terror in his eyes I could tell Shenlong had used a poison that infects the mind with pain and fever, an excellent choice for any magic user. Apparently it was for sport Shenlong wanted this poor creature to watch as we butchered his commrades. Shenlong created the diversion to get the attention of the other 4 who barely realised they were 1 man short. As they turned around Lorraine sapped another and already had a garrote to anothers neck and had him choking on his own blood as he screamed in vain to his commrades who had no idea he was in trouble. The sapped troll trying to come to his senses recieved some of the best poison we had to offer and he soon found his healing spells to be worthless unable to counter the effects of our poison.

Now my part, dealing with the remaining 2 a mage and a hunter ....ive had to deal with worse situations than this but it was an evenings sport but I could tell Lorraine wanted this job done. I moved into position sapped the mage and rolling to collect a handfull of dirt throwing it into the eyes of the hunter. My daggers quickly found their mark and the mage was dead before the hunter could realize shouting out orders to a group that wasnt there. Quickly wrapped myself in the shadows and watched the hunter shoot wildly into the position I held only moments ago poor fool hit nothing as I was already behind him. My daggers buried all the way to the hilts into his back and my deadly poison already taking him I whispered an old Darnassian prayer offering their souls to Elune to be judged.

Shenlong released the healer to take a message back to those who sent him but not before taking the Tauren shaman's horn as a trophy. We are members of the Republic's elite force sent in for surgical precision strikes such as these, it is through our acts that the eastern kingdoms, kalimdor, and even those living in northrend are made safe.

I am Nakturr, not my birthname, but my assassins name. Nakturr means butcher or "one who evicerates" in old Darnassian I am hundreds of years old and have spent many human lifetimes honing my skills. Once a freelance merc and pirate, I now serve the Republic and it uses me as it sees fit. We harbor no obligation or alligence with the alliance but have from time to time come to their cries for help. Our name has spread throughout Azeroth as friend, protectors, and heros to be sought out in times of peril.

Me and the rest of the rogues of the Republic take our orders and carry them out mostly spies and assassins are we but also thieves when the need arises. My past is unimportant as most of it was spent training and becoming the killing machine some know me as. I am not the traditional Nightelf as other are, yet I am honor bound to serve those whos cause I take as my own. Elune's will be done but I have given up the ways of keeping to the forrest and not realizing the threats that loom just outside of Darnassus and pretend they dont exist. It is here that I found my calling with the Republic and together we take the battle to our enemies.

Perhaps later I will tell you more of my past adventures or maybe just my past but suffice tonight to leave knowing I have this to say to my enemies...Death comes for us all from its path of darkness and when it comes for you.....I will be there more than happy to introduce you.

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