Our Constitution. ((OOC Rules and FAQs))

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Our Constitution. ((OOC Rules and FAQs)) Empty Our Constitution. ((OOC Rules and FAQs))

Post  Roland Wilhelm Kalithas on Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:01 pm

Infront of you is placed a very long weathered scroll. The writing on it appears to be very structured, and very small, almost eligible without a magnifying glass. At various points throughout the scroll, words seem to be writing themselves or changing; sentences writing themselves and continuing on until the very end of the scroll. A mage standing over you watches you carefully, and when you are finished with the scroll, hastily takes it and locks it away into a vault.

~ (( OOC Rules, Regulations, and FAQs. )) ~

The Republic can be defined as a guild for every RP style. We are not “good” and we are not “evil”, we are Absolute Neutral. And this may be confusing to some, as some RP storylines may take a very just and righteous turn, as with others, a very evil and chaotic turn. We try to encourage as many RP possibilities and opportunities as possible, and though Valiance Keep is our home, it is a highly encouraged fact that you do NOT “Need” to ONLY RP there. Unlike a lot of Alliance RP guilds, our RP tends to be fairly gritty as well. There are those who choose to curse, and RP about taboo subjects in our guild. And this is accepted, as we are considered a guild for a more mature audience then other RP guilds. We appreciate feedback from our members. We like to improve, and our Officers will always have an open ear for suggestion. Now we'll go over some answers to some FAQs.

1. Our full title is “The Republic of Nasam.”
2. The Country of Nasam's Capital City is Valiance Keep. Farshire outside of it, the southern coastline of Borean Tundra, Fizzcrank Airstrip to the north, and a portion of the Oil Fields, is also part of Nasam.
3. We do RP as though we own that land. We are not a guild that “moves around.” We have been based there for two years and do not plan to move from it.(Though we may attempt to acquire new lands in the Cataclysm Expansion.)
4. We are, infact, considered a nation. A smaller nation indeed then Stormwind or Ironforge or the like, but still, a nation.
5. Because the guild was founded at the beginning of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, we follow the storyline that King Varian Wrynn helped established Valiance Keep as a colony in the vastly unexplored Northrend, which Republic then occupied and overtook peacefully; with the Republic still having very strong relations to Stormwind.
6. We consider ourselves a very industrial nation. Technology runs rampant in the Republic.
7. The concept of how we communicate through Guild Chat is through Gnomish Transmitters with audio and video capabilities, allowing us to talk, and see eachother. Magical Guild Stones can also be put onto the Transmitter's frequency, allowing some members to use “Guild Stones” if their characters are not used to technology.
8. The actual Constitution of the Republic, IC, would very much resemble the United States Constitution, as that is it's basis, with a few Warcraft touch ups here and there. Any law that is on that Constitution would apply to the Republic as well.
9. Though we are gritty, and allow any RP style, be warned, as we also have a fully fledged justice system, including a court and a prison, for those who are stupid enough to get caught IC.

Now we'll go over some OOC Rules.

1. Anyone who brings any IC drama into OOC will go through peer mediation, if that does not suffice, then there will be SEVERE punishments and/or guild booting.
2. Any racial or sexual comments OOC will result in punishment as well.
3. If you are having a problem with a member, or members, please contact any ranking officer Rank Five+.
4. If you have any RP ideas at all, PLEASE tell us! We try to be a very friendly and open to these suggestions!
5. If you are suffering from a real life crisis thats affecting gameplay please talk about it with an officer, or a trusted friend, rather then any of the chat channels in the guild.
6. We hold very special relations with some Horde guilds that we are beginning to do many RP-PvP related events with. We do not want to ruin this relationship. We do not tolerate our members camping(which is defined by you killing a horde player more then once consecutively.). If we dont camp their lowbies, they wont camp our lowbies, simple as that.

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