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Leveling Guide by Clinkclak!

Post  Clinkclak on Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:18 pm

So many leveling alts thought i'd do a nice little guide of tips, tricks and general advice as well as direction to go for leveling. Since i've been doing it on clink tell you what i've found out about dungeons vs questing and general advice on what zones to do. So here come my rules for alting!

Rules of the Alt!]
1: Be dedicated! if your leveling an alt to replace a main be dedicated, play them often, grind as efficiently as possible and play a few hours a day. If the alt is just for fun then this is less of an issue, and you should play as you like.

2: Ignore professions, and sometimes this is hard...but profs slow you down ONLY one i think should be leveled is firstaid, the rest are just time sinks that you can shorten considerably at 80 once you have mounts. If this is your first play through you might want to grab mining/skinning and use it for mount cash. But don't do any of main professions till 80 trust me it cuts down on alot of time needed.

3: Do as many quests at once as possible, for example in darkshire is a quest to gather fangs, ribs, and kill plague spreaders. Make sure you have all 3 quests first and do them at once. It will cut down on time needed to do the quests!

4: Quest with a friend, first it cuts down on the boredom, second actually speeds up questing in most areas. Because your killing that much faster, have help with those elites ect if you and your friend are a tank/healer do group pulls it'll cut down even more of that time(careful with casters though).

5: Finally, be prepared! buy biggest bags you can afford, carry tons of food/water, and sell trash as often as you can and always log off in the inn! rested exp is so important!

6(optional): random dungeons: having experimented come to my attention even as dps if you quest WHILE qued it can defiantly give a substantial amount of exp. at 49 i did ST twice and got an entire level out of it so...gonna leave 6 as optional! quest while waiting for dungeons!

Dungeons vs Questing the great debate!

So after a lengthy discussion in guild chat it was pretty hard to tell with new random group finder which was really better. Well after some interwebz research! i found a few discussions and reading them here is what i've come to the conclusion of. If your a tank then using random dungeon finder is faster then questing, if your a healer its probably a tad slow it REALLY depends on how many tanks are spamming the channel. As a DPS however your in for a sad disappointment 30-50 minute wait times, and thats just no fun. My ultimate conclusion? dungeon lvling is viable ONLY if you know a good dedicated tank to buddy and level with. If your a healer its doable but i'm not convinced its faster with out a tank to latch onto. Ultimately it may be faster, but its not consistent there are to many unknown factors which can cause problems. A bad group can send that exp bonus into the gutter BUT if you know some people a good tank then its certainly viable! for some though its just more fun and thats understandable!

Basic Quest Route(in the works)
This is my basic leveling route not listing quests just the zones.
1-6: start area i typically go through base start area or do dreanei start zone.

6-10: again i go to dreanei area mostly because all quests are very close together, human zones also not to bad... but is still alot longer runs then dreanie area.

10-20: i head to bloodmyst isle, this place gives GOOD greens and all quests are really close together not alot of running all over gods creation. A note i have is don't forget to do furblog princess she's in a cage just as you enter the isles accross the bridge and see quest givers. Head left and see some furblogs should see cage to its a quest i missed till recently. Do every quest available here should hit level 20 easily sometimes 21-22.

20-30: this range isn't to bad as a pure questing now do have dungeons can hit up if you get bored it won't hurt in fact it helps! Hit red ridge first do every quest you can muster i don't do goulash quest, or dragon welps because so darn tedious. Waste more time trying to grind materials out then you ever get back in return... hence i skip these. Once your done in red ridge head to wetlands and start pounding those quests out. The city is often camped best advice i have is grab EVERY quest you can find and head out and do them all...head back and try to hand them in...if you die just keep trying to get to your quest venders. Worst comes to worst go take a break or something and come back. Once this is finished you should be close to or around 25...at this point head to darkshire and do every quest you find(don't forget spiders, and sven lines i do his quests till he sends you to wetlands and then drop it). you should easily be lvl 30 now better would be 32 if your lucky!

30-40: now it gets tricky... i hit a slight hump here and a couple ways to go. Ok first off...doing STV is the absolute BEST route to go...regardless of your choice it gives best exp rewards is quickest zone and best structured but its also a warzone. STV can and WILL get you from 30-45 rather easily however if your like me and HATE that zone is an alternative. Even if you do decide to do stv i advise you to do hillsbrad first, doing that will get you 1-2 levels and that helps so start there. Once you finish that head to arathi(i messed this up when i leveled...and paid for it) and start pounding these quests out. Don't to do the monolith quest up near hammerfall its west of there in a clearing thats a nice chain and fairly easy. After finish arathi, head to dustwallow to finish up, that will allow you to avoid STV entirely. Should be noted that dustwallow is kind of sporatic quests all over... if you do the chains you'll get sent to each place though and none of the quests are hard and its a fairly horde free zone.

40-50: here is where we hit a wall... if you chose NOT to do STV you will need to do some dungeons to effectively level up no way around it. Are only a few zones namely... Hinterlands, Tanaris(gadgetzan) and feralas... now if you did stv you SHOULD be 42-45...so your good if you didn't your probably only 40. I advise doing stv quest line being rushed just to see if you can get 41 or 42...it'll help. Now hit tanaris and do the waste water quest line that should definatly get you to 42. I then went to feralas and began to do every quest i could find there. Till quests were orange or red, are a couple of quests in darnasus(elfland!) in rutharan village can pick up pretty sure a quest or two sends you there. Head to hinterlands next and do the handful of wild hammer quests listed there. head back to tanaris and do any quests you can here now... you should by end have noggen fogger quest and a few others. by end of all of that your hopefully 46-48... at this point i headed to the blasted lands. as you enter blasted is a group of magi standing off to the right. have you collect parts for animals and give a buff. I used these guys to get me from 47 to 48 then went BACK to tanaris and did last few quests there and got to 49 then did sunken temple twice via randoms to hit 50. Lesson here, if you didn't do stv... gotta do some dungeons. Also did ZF at like 45... a rush so cut back on the time spent.

50-60: coming soon!


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