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Post  Anaria on Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:47 pm

My earliest memories, are vague like most. The dense fragrant essence of the wood, a darnassian lullaby, and Narwin. Narwin was the one and only constant I have known in this life. She lived in a small cottage outside of Ashenvale, where she grew herbs for her various potions she concocketd out of the oddest of recipies. As a Druid of the Wood, she kept to herself, and saught Elune's guidance in all things... All things including me... The orphan child she found in the wood, the child she claims Elune lead her to.
I am Anaria, to some I am human, to some I am Nightelf, to myself I am only Mage. Caught between two races acepted by neither. I know little of my origins other than what was scribled in Narwin's journal. The writtings say. I was found with a human servant woman who had been killed along the road apparently trying to get me to safty during the time of the fall of Stormwind. The only posession was a neclace with a druid insignia and ancient writtings around my neck, and a letter from a woman named Lanie claming to be my mother begging for refuge for the daughter of Sarim of Ashenvale. Narwin, knew a such a child would not be accepted. She felt lead by Elune to care for me on her own, and she did just that.
I dwelled with Narwin until she was killed by the scourge. The days following her death were long, I spent my time mastering the ways of the Magi, and collecting herbs in the forest. A Night Elf hunter named Bulo, was training in the mountains when our paths crossed. We were both lonely and seaching for our way in the world. He had recruited in the alliance army and was due to leave with in the month for training. I rememeber the strong bond between shared between us like we were drawn to that very spot on that day for a purpose. We wrote to eachother after he left and shared our hopes and fears spoke of love and family. But the world is at war and our paths separated, letters passed less frequently then none at all. Bulo had disappeared, leaving me to my solitude once again.
Recently I was recruited by The Republic, it is my hope to use my skills to assist them in the war effort. When time allows I may try to resolve the mysteries of my past, and the origin of the neclace I wear around my neck.


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