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“Your possessed.” The woman said.
“That I am.” The man replied, His cheek reddening and taking the shape of the feminine hand that had dealt the slap.
“You would leave me standing at the alter, swollen with your child and in the eyes of our friends? Have you no shame, no sense of manhood and decency?” she yelled. “You will never be able to return to the Shire. And I will become the fool of fools, and your child a bastard!”
Jack Sterling smiled the smile that had won the washer woman over, “But gold will shear all false rumors. When our babe sleeps in a silver crib, covered and tucked by the bolts of silk, none will raise protest but instead hail the wisdom and bravery of the Sterling’s”
“Your heads full of fools gold! There is no profit or future in a follower of the crusades! Only death and disparity. If you leave, you leave your child fatherless and your so called “heart” to servitude!” She spat.
The grin did not fade and shinning Jack Sterling kissed the woman on the forehead for she wouldn’t receive a lovers kiss, then walked out the door.

A simple man, a butchers apprentice, Paladin. Three classifications that would fit Horatio “Kutrite” Sterling. Kut achieved his present position in the Knights of the Nine by happenstance, blind luck and quite possibly a guardian spirit.
Born in Northshire to a single unwed mother Horatio‘s transformation from boy to man was notable by nothing other than size. His father who had left to find his fortune following the crusades would have been proud by his twelfth name day Horatio could stand eye to eye with any grown man of the shire, with an appetite and thirst to match. Legendary in the Shire for his ability to consume the fruit of the fields and partly due to the turned blind eye of his mother Horatio was taken under the wing of Brother -------------, who would admittedly confess to the corruption of the cups that Horatio’s mother accuses him of. But, Horatio has another reason to give thanks to the kindness of Brother -------- . When times became tough and the aspiring young man needed a job Brother ----------- stepped in on his behalf and an opportunity was presented in Goldshire. Horatio became the butcher’s assistant for ------------ at the local inn and tavern. ----------- a rather ornery man, was critical of Horatio’s skills with the blade and never truly gave Horatio the chance to develop his skills and was limited to slaughtering and prepping the animals for ------------’s butchering. The denizens and visitors of Goldshire are given credit for Horatio’s Nickname of Kutrite. While deep in their cups or just waiting for a meal or dancing the patrons of the inn would hear Butcher ----------- yelling from the Kitchens.
“Cut right boy, you gotta cut right if you gonna work for me. Damn boy, cut right.”
“Yes sir.”
“Yes sir, yes sir. That’s all you say but if you were a real butcher’s ‘prentice I wouldn’t have to tell you!
“Yes sir.
“Dammit boy gimme that knife if it takes me telling you to cut right to get you to cut right you can get out there and bring me another cow.
“Yes sir
“Damned with that smartass awnser. When you get done with that cow go over and see ------------ maybee breaking rocks can help your aim and teach you to Cut right.

The sly placement of one customer was all it took. While never sponsored by ----------- or accepted by the butchers guild of Elywnn the name stuck. But, on many night after drinking --------- under the proverbial table he was more than capable to cut a decent slab of meat just right for the customers of -------------.
In his twentieth year, well seasoned by the butchering and carrying of stock the man now known as Kutrite returned to Northshire. A regular visits to his mother and Brother ----------- for a bit of Northshire’s best product, but the happy reunion and merry wine were not to be. The Defias had taken the fields, his mother had found work in Stormwind and as the shire organized offensives and missions. Kutrite found himself entangled in the defense of his birth place. Using the hammer that had dealt so many killing blows to the stock of Goldshire, Kutrite now began another profession. After, being wounded in a battle against ----------- ----------- Brother -------------- tended his wounds and whispered his thoughts of Kutrite’s future to ---------------. .
“You have seen and heard of his mettle.”
“Aye, but his pride has yet to be seen.”
“Pride? What pride do you speak of? He has done his duty in the face of scorn at a minial position and taken a slur that was delt in jest and turned it into a meaningful name.”
“But how would he deal with the jest that come at expense of his age and uneducation, I doubt the man can read.”
“I have seen to his tutoring brother. His letters are learned and though he may appear to be slow it is just his way. He speaks when spoken to, but prefers to listen and learn.”
“That may well be but the light knows he is late and would start his learning with children that could by age be his own children”
“Bah, You’ve seen the man! Passive as the animals he lays to rest, with one blow if you’ll admit, until pushed. I tell you the light send we find a quiet man to serve the light with action instead of words and only when necessary.
“Brother, Your motivation is at question.”
“How many have I sent to you? How many times have I asked this of you?”
“Many and none. But The asking is not of me but of my judgement.”
“And you think me a fool!”
“No bother, but your station does not speak well of you.”
“Me? I am responsible for the wellbeing of this monestary! The financial and spirital aspects of this community fall on me. What does it say of you while your brothers carry the light elsewhere paladin?”
“Hold your tounge Priest!”
“Apologies. Apologies, but you cannot demean my responsibilities without intern speaking of yours. I will admit, my station would seem a punishment but it serves the purpose of the light just as yours does and as I am sure he will.”
“It is not a question of the light and wether he will serve it, the man is surely a true heart but can he persist against the punishment that men and piers younger than him will deal? And should he fail? What then of our future advisments?”
“Worry you about your station?”
“Priest, I have warned you!”
“I do not poke you sir, only point to the facts. If you truly belive the light he might bring would you turn your back on that possibility? Even in the face of the ire of your piers? Again you spark the flame of truth. Should he fail in the training he is not a castaway of the light.”
The paladin took note of Kutrite’s deeds and though he was older than most initiates of the light ------------ sent his recommendation for entry to the -------------. Kutrite’s world turned on end decided to heed the advice of his life long friend and follow this unexpected life altering path.

While his training came at a mediocre pace, Kut excelled in the aspects of retribution. Upon being named Paladin and sent to find his purpose and call, Kutrite found himself learning a new world. The Paladins quest always in the back of his mind he found more questions than answers often moving from one area of Azeroth to another, always dutifully helping others, pushing back the reasons he was sent into this new world to begin with. Though his progress within the ranks of the Cathedral has been disputed the pleadings and compassionate pleas of understanding by Brothers ------------ and ------------- have allowed him to continue his training.
“Have you not finished the deed.”
“No brother.”
“But, you were requested to complete the deed!”
“The retrievel of physical positions have been an after thought in the sorrow and adversity that I have seen.”
“But, the brothers in the Cathedral will be vexed by your insubortination.
“Then I will not return to them. As I said there are more important matters than the retrivel of hierlooms.”
“And _____________ what does he have to say of your stubborness?”
“He laughs, and jest. It is of no importance. Like so many he sees that there are many ways to serve the light.
“Bah, now he grows a backbone. You know he was hesitant to offer your name as a canidate. Scared that your age would be met with disbelief and a future neglect.”
“And it has been met with that neglect but to his benifiet, he wages and manages the battle here recruitg hundreds to the light and having stability while serving the light.
“The light save you! There are orders that must be obeyed.”
“They will be obeyed in their own time brother, now if you don’t mind what has the harvest brought us?”
“Alright, boy change the subject. I will allow it. But only because there is new. __________ has recovered her harvest and the first of the bottles have gone to the cellar. I have a couple of bottles here to celebrate the harvest!”

A fellow Paladin, Glaydrian ------------ was the first to invite Kutrite into a Band of Brotherhood. Finding himself in the valleys of Darkshire Kut and Glaydrian joined their causes on a chance meeting out side of the ------------- --------------‘s home to recover the artifact ------------- that would lead to final peace for ---------------.
“Blessing of kings Paladin
“And the blessings of might to you.
“May the aurau of protection shield you
“And retribution avenge those who appose the light
“Well met
“Well met, I have come to grant peace to the shadow’s puppet -------------”
“As have I, at the request of -------------
“_____________ has much need to send more than one. Would he think the light would fail in its purpose?
“_____________ is not to be underestimated, perhaps the achivement of success is not in who succeeds but rather what is accomplished?
“Aye, I will leave you to the task
“Will you not lend aid
“Should you need it Aye, I will

Upon their success, Glaydrian of the Hellenic Legion spoke for Kutrite and along with Arahad ----------- initiated him into the Legion. Deeds and days would pass but the Legion would fall to under workings of an adversary within the ranks. Returning to Stormwind finding the legion disbanded Kutrite had begun the mental preparation to enter the world as a wanderer once again. Eraden crushed by the betrayal found himself deshivel. The hororable warrior had lead the Legion, and seen it grow its dismantling a crushing blow to the heart, could not rebuild.

A request by a previous member of the Legion would prevent this. Raxsis, a Death Knight would not see the legion fall. And, while Kutrite was at odds following a being who’s existence was in itself a controversy with what Kutrite believed in, the light was found in the continuation of the brotherhood he had come to know.
On the night of the ninth, nine would sign the charter. The great warlocks Arahad the vetran of the lych wars and Pharnacis new to to the 80th rank. The Dranaie warrior Lathina an unmovable statuete on the battle field. Kiere the noble Paladin, sweetmedow, emirill, roasaie, Their names bled into the paper, a piece of history, a dedication of their very being that the Legion could never truly die. Those who followed became the Knights of the Nine.


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