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Post  Sarianis on Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:53 am

I used the physical dimensions of a young panther to create Sarianis' description, then modified it to reflect his backstory. Profile follows:

Name: Sarianis (definition unknown)
Gender: Male
Size: 6'6" (length) and 35" at shoulder height
Weight: 400lbs in cat form
Age: 9 years (feline lifespan takes effect here - he's about 35 in human terms)

*1) There is a small leather pouch securely attached to his neck. It is of odd design, and was made to be easily opened without thumbs.
*2) His body bears two nasty scars. The oldest is on his abdomen and runs from his sternum at an angle toward his left hind leg for 9 inches. He was nearly disemboweled by the weapon that caused it.
*2A) The second runs just under his jawline, beginning on the left side and continues around his throat to rise to the right side of his face, stopping two inches under his eye. This one will appear very recent to anyone with in-character medical knowledge, and was created by a very sharp two-handed sword.
*3) His eyes sparkle with the curiosity inherent to most felines, and his demeanor around those he trusts is playful and happy.


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