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Post  Opide on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:43 pm

((Well, no one else was doing it, so I might as well. Very Happy))

At first glance, Opide would look like a typical young draenei. Her blue hair (something she has always prided herself on) is kept long and flowing. Tied into her hair is a black feather, which her fingers have a tendency to fiddle with when she's nervous. Her eyes are large, giving the first impression of a graceful, doe-like creature. In essence the rest of her body matches that, as she is tall with long limbs. She walks with the airs of a princess, almost as if she's floating along on a cloud. A closer inspection reveals that this walk is long practiced, and that there is more to her than the first impression seems. In fact, a closer inspection reveals that Opide is not, in fact, a typical young draenei.

If one was to examine the girl's eyes, one would see a haunted look that she tries to hide. Even when she's happy, the look doesn't quite leave her eyes, a constant reminder of... something. Who knows what it could possibly be? Her nose is crooked, a remainder of a fight that happened some time ago, leaving it broken. Her lips, though often turned up into a smile have been known to have their grimaces. The real oddity begins, however, with her neck. On her neck are large scars, resembling bite marks. They give off the impression that some animal bit down on her neck again and again, at different times. On her collarbone is a mark magiced into her skin, which resembles a rose. Below that (which one could see if Opide is wearing a dress that is perhaps a bit too revealing) is a small scar right over her heart. There are other various scars on her body, but the one above her heart seems to be the most prominent.

When Opide is in a situation where her blade may be needed, she wears her Nasam-standard armour. The only exception is the helmet which she refuses to wear in favour of her hair streaming out behind her. The sword itself (when not in use, of course) is kept in a scabbard on her back. The handle is highly ornamented in purple and blue, and the sword in general has a tendency to glow. ((OOC-but only when orcs are near. I mean what?)) What Opide wears when she's not in battle, however, is dresses. As Ambassador of Nasam Opide is in possession of several dresses, each beautiful in their own right. When she's doing her Ambassador duties she is often with her sword for appearance's sake, but when she's in a place where she feels truly safe, she often leaves it behind. (Which is not often.)

There are some items she keeps on her possession at all times. One is the black feather mentioned before, tied up in her hair. Around her neck she keeps a silver necklace. Attached to the necklace is a small gear, about the size to fit around a gnome's ring finger. A quick search of her pockets reveals a small stone with a screen and various buttons, as well as a conch shell. Perhaps most disturbing is the other item in her pocket, tucked away so no one will see it. It is a small, white skull which she'd promptly return to her pocket.


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