Zooi, the ice princess.

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Zooi, the ice princess. Empty Zooi, the ice princess.

Post  Metah on Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:54 am

This is going to start off very vague. The alternative is some dick come along tear the lore to shreds. This is a very difficult area of lore to make specific.
Zooi was born on Draenor. She was raised an orphan and was communally parented. It is unclear if she came to Azeroth on the Exodar, or later through the portal. Since reaching Azeroth she has planted herself into the most pivotal events available to her. It possible that she believes through being there she herself is by association also important. This goal has landed her in a lot of trouble needless to say, however as an orphan Zooi has some degree of resilience to being in trouble. These days she hangs around the Republic Scholars scoping out their pretty trinkets and magic books.

Motivations, faculties, and etc.
Zooi is very intelligent, which is normal for the Draenei. She does however lack many of the more mature traits of her race: Patience, selflessness, empathy, and etc. Her native language is spoken with a lot of slang, casualness, and youthfulness. Her common has taken on some of these traits as well. (Zooi’s speech is NOT intended to be interpreted as animesque She is not a child.) She was very lazy about her introduction to common and some of her native tongue lingers within it. She is an adult and should be treated as such unless her manners make a character inclined to treat her differently. She is deceptively mature. She has seen a lot of nasty stuff and made it through but she was never properly parented leaving her maturity difficult to judge properly. She is more inclined to respect women than men primarily due to kindnesses shown her at a younger age. This character will NOT NOT NOT be involved in any romantic unions..EVER. Approach her on this subject at your own risk. She does like men but only the draenei kind and in an immature way. She’s unlikely to admit an interest, and with her character they would be unlikely to return the interest. She is often times treated dismissively by older draenei.
She hates animals mostly because she is terrible with them and they react badly to her. She thinks she is hungry at all times. (A side effect of going hungry alot when she was younger.) The one area she is disciplined in is her magic. She practices constantly and it shows with her above average capability in frost magic. Unfortunately she is barely able to control arcane or fire beyond the simplest of conjurations. However this is not reflected in her self image. She wants to overcome her youth so badly she deludes her assessment of her own strengths. Note: Despite w/e she may say about who trained her (the claims change) she has never received formal training in magic. This also gives some reference to exactly how talented she is in frost to have been able to teach herself as much as she did however it is impossible to train somebody who knows everything so she will likely hit a wall eventually without accepting help. She detests orcs, demons, has difficulty tolerating warlocks, and is perplexed by night elves. Especially the animal lover aspect.

Again she is very intelligent and resourceful. The best key I can give potential roleplaying partners for Zooi is to remember that she is aware of all of her delusions mannerisms etc. Like many orphans she learned early to be what she needed to be to survive both mentally and physically.


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