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Post  Maklung on Tue May 31, 2011 2:43 pm

I grew up as an orphan in Ironforge, so I had no last name. I never knew my parents. My dad died in the first war against the scourge, and my mom died while birthing me. I was always hopeful I would be adopted, but I never was. When I turned eighteen I left the orphanage. I worked for an enchanter for a few years until I met a draenei by the great forge. He told me about the ways of the shaman, and how they vanquished terrible enimies with elemental forces and helped those who had been wounded fighting for what is right. I then realized I wanted to help in the fight against the powerful, new foe, Deathwing. There is one complication though, despite the fact I was raised right beside the great forge, I never really got good at commanding the destructive forces of fire and lightning. I then decided I would harness the healing powers of earth and water to heal those in need, that way we can stand at Deathwing`s door and still be standing, ready to fight when the time comes. I am twenty four now, and the time has come for me to stand against the demonic forces that have been unleashed on us all. May the gods help us.

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