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Post  Skyclaw on Sun May 15, 2011 9:14 pm

I am one of few Pure Blood Worgens , what that meens is i was born into this world as a Worgen by a Mother in her Worgen form. Some small groups of Pure bloods have existed for some time , most of them hunted and killed as beasts, I was born in a small cave in winterspring and left at the foot of Mt.Hyjal to be takin in by Druids of Goldrinn, was the olny place my parents thought i would be safe. As a Servant and Druid of Goldrinn my dutys are to protect the wild , be be unseen to the outside world of Azeroth i spent the my time druing the 2nd and 3rd wars Protecting Hyjal and Slaying anyone that did not belong in the wilds , Hunters , poachers thoes who would bring the Wild harm. I cared not for the doings on Man and Orc kind but when the shattering ocured and my Home was once more under attack our Calns have bin sent to take the fight to new fronts , i then got news of what happend in my home lands , how the Vile Forsaken destroyed the home i never knew , so i joined mankind in the fight agenst the Horde and its putrid Forsaken. Alittle more about myslef i am 360 Cycles old , Each cycle is one Full moon witch makes me roughly 30 years of age by human terms. I am pure Feral in my training and have earned my Beast forms by the Rite of Blood and Soul , a very old ritual used to bond beast souls with your own. its what makes my forms more powerfull then that of a Life or Moon Druid. If their is anything ohter you would like to know , please speek with me, i would be more then happy to fill and questions you might have.


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Post  Aritya on Mon May 16, 2011 12:08 pm

((Good background.First time I heard of a pure blood worgen. I like Very Happy))


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