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Post  Aritya on Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:55 am

*Upon cleaning in the barracks, you notice that under a pillow of one of the beds lies a diary. You flip open to a random page, and it tells the following.*

I woke up earlier then normal this morning. Zack isn't up yet, so since I had time, I decided to sit by the docks. The cool waves felt nice on my toes, the sun starting to rise over the horizin behind me, and I looked up to the sky and remembered the conversation I had with my mother about where our house came from (page 5) and why dad had to go to war.
*Page 5 of the diary*

I was sitting on my moms lap, it was late and I had to go to bed soon, but I didn't feel like sleeping yet. As mom slowly rocked me in a chair, I asked her, "Where did our house come from? It seems dwarvish, but daddy said he built it."

My mother responded in a nice, soothing voice that only increased my drowsieness "It happened a long time ago, shortly after he proposed to me. He needed a home, and was riding along one day, when he saw a dwarf sailing with enough stone and lumber to sink the boat should much more be added. Your father rented a boat of his own and joined the dwarf, who was building a home for his long lost wife."

"What happened to her?"

"I don't know. The dwarf regretted not being able to build a home for his family, and decided to now. Your father helped him, and within a month they had made the place we live in, the stable, the docks, and everything we live on. The dwarf sailed away after thrusting your father with the deed."

"Why would he do that? Didn't he want the house?"

At this point, I had slid into my bed and mom tucked me in.

"Well, it was probably to painful for him. Or, perhaps he felt that he didn't need it, he just needed to build it. At any rate, that's enough story for today. Off to bed."

Mom went toward the door, extinguishing the candle by my bed, when I stopped her to ask one more question.

"Momma? Where's pappa now?"

"He's away now sweetie. He went off to war so that we can live here in comfort. He won't be back for awhile though."

Mom said the last sentance very softly, as if she was trying to comfort someone. I didn't understand why, but I was very sleepy at that point.

*You flip back to the page you were on previously*
As I recalled the conversations of the past, my mind started thinking only of the sky, how blue and pretty it was. I heard some noise, and I figured Zack must be up. I realized that I hadn't caught any fish today for breakfast (We practicly lived off fish, berries, and whatever we were able to grow, which wasn't much. Just a few vegtable plants. However neither Zack or I could, knew how, or was willing to hunt for "better" meat.) I quickly fished up our breakfast, and came back inside.

Zack playing with some models dad left us. I noticed he already had a nice little fire going and smiled. Living alone was quite hard. (Mother died giving birth to Zack when I was four, and I had to practicly raise him. I won't admit we were able to eat every day, but we survived. Mom taught me most of the common letters and how to fish and grow a garden. I didn't get a lot of the details but I knew most of it.) We ate in a quiet, but happy silence. I wondered what to do today, and then remembered about our project.

You see, Zack and I were building a raft to see how far we could go off to see on our own. Zack was much more enthusiastic about it then I was, but I still enjoyed doing it as there was little else to be done. We set to work, lying the wood down we spent the last two weeks gathering and cutting down, and even though it looked respetable lying there, we had to use quite a bit of cloth tying the logs together. (Old torn up garments we had already outgrown, as well as some spare peices of cloth we found lying around the house.) When we were done for the day, we had a good portion of the logs all tied up.

We stopped and stood on the dock, watching the red sun set behind the water, reflecting it's scarlet light. Once it set, we went back inside, said our good nights, and slept soundly.

I was startled when I woke up. There were lots of noises in the house. I looked at the other side of the bed, but Zack was still there, his eyes starting to open. I told him it was nothing, but the noises kept getting louder. I opened my bedroom door and saw a man there, with a lot of our possesions in his hand. When he saw me, he carefully put the stuff down and took something out of his pocket. He went toward me and asked me to be quiet.
I told him sure, but then asked what he was doing here.
He said he was looking for something.
I asked him what it was.
He said it was a peice of coth.
I told him it was probably with the raft that we built.
He said it was in his pocket, and he asked me if it smelled funny. I took a sniff and blacked out. When I came to, I realized that my head hurt and I couldn't stand, hard as I tried. The ground kept caving in, but not the ground I soon realized, but the bottom of a bag. I had been thrown into a bag. Then something hit me in the face. I looked at it and saw it was a sock. I felt around and realized that there was a lot of laundry in this bag.

I struggled a little bit more, and was dropped. A man yelled outside, and I heard some swords being drawn, then someone falling. Another man opened the bag and carried me back to my home. It was nearly daybreak and the commotion hadn't woken Zack (stone ears). I quickly asked the new man what had happened. He told me he was a traveler when he saw a burgaler walking by.

"I would have ignored him, had the bag not started to move. I could faintly make out the impression of a little chilids foot. I challanged him to what was in the bag, but he drew his knife. It's all fine now however, you're safe."

I asked who he was.

"I am a follower of the light."

I asked him what the light was. Momma never said anything about it specificly in her storys, even though she occansionally said "Thank the light"

"My dear chilid, you don't know of the light? Where are your parents?"

I told him they were dead, and I lived alone with my brother.

After that the thing I expected least of him to do was what he did. He offered for Zack and I to come with him, to learn the ways of the light. He seemed nice enough, and Zack enjoyed playing with his pupil, so we ultimatly agreed. I began my training as a priestess there, without even knowing a thing about it.


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