An explanation of the Districts, and our Ranking System.

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An explanation of the Districts, and our Ranking System. Empty An explanation of the Districts, and our Ranking System.

Post  Roland Wilhelm Kalithas on Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:37 pm

The District System and Guild Rankings.

The Republic is a simple government divided into three sections.

1. The Commander-In-Chief and The General – These two ranks represent the Guild Leaders, who are Wilhelm and Suriel. They are here to enforce the structure of the Republic, and oversee all actions that the Republic takes. In RP, they are not Lords, Monarchs, or Nobles of any kind, they represent general managers of all operations.

2. The Senate – This rank represents the democratic leadership, voting, and elections process of the guild, There can be a minimum of three Senators at a time. They are elected through an RP guild voting process every two months, and are chosen from the members of the Districts. They represent the voice of the people, and help guide the Republic through it's decisions as a guild. They help initiate votes, and listen to it's people. Every two months, the current senators must step down and rejoin their respective districts, to allow new senators to be elected. Senators CAN be impeached through a guild vote. A senator is one of the most powerful figures within the Republic. They have weekly senate meetings to discuss various topics. It must be understood that drama will not be tolerated within the Senate though, and that the Commander-In-Chief and the General will step in if necessary action needs to be taken.

3. The Districts – There are a minimum of three Districts; Military, Scholar, and Sentinel being the base Districts. In time, there may be more Districts added to the current base. Each district has a storyline, and RP background and purpose of the district. A member is segregated into a district either for RP reasons, or to categorize their particular play style. With the restructuring and rebuilding of the guild, many more things are to be added to the districts, but I will explain the basics of each district as of now.

A. The Military District – The soldiers of the Republic. They represent our legions to fight against the Horde. It consists of our Army, our Navy, our Air Force, and our Marines. The Military District is our PvP district, and to obtain rank in it, you must attend PvP events, as well as Military oriented RP events like training sessions or ceremonies.
B. The Sentinel District – The Mercenaries and merchants of the republic. They represent our industrial might, as well as our corporations and contracts. These forces are leased out to the Alliance to conquer various dungeons and collect resources and materials for the Republic. The Sentinel District is our PvE district, and to obtain rank in it, you must attend PvE events, such as raids, or farm materials for the guild bank, as well as Sentinel oriented RP events like storylines that take place in low level dungeons.
C. The Scholar District – The professors and scholars of the Republic. They represent our lore, and knowledge of all things. They research in libraries, and around the world, collecting knowledge, and creating ideas. The Scholar District is our RP district, and to obtain rank in it, you must be vocal about your ideas and creativity towards RP, such as creating an RP event or storyline, or helping in the creation of an event, as well as attending Scholar oriented RP events, such as the Republic's over-arcing storyline.

Each District has six ranks within it, the sixth rank being the District Leader; these six ranks are different from district to district, and if you decide to switch your district, you will begin at the first rank in your new district. I will break the ranking system down for the Districts in the form of a table.

Military Sentinel Scholar
Rank One Private Scout Student
Rank Two Corporal Ranger Acolyte
Rank Three Sergeant Mercenary Professor
Rank Four Lieutenant Legionnaire Sage
Rank Five Captain Centurion Doctor
Rank Six (D.L.) Commander Warlord Headmaster

"Rank One; Two; Three; Four; Five" within the Guild Structure are not titles, they symbolize the levels of rank, and are merely named so for simplicity and organization. For example, if you are 'Rank One' in the Military District, your title WILL be "Private", and that is the title that you will be referred to IC and OOC.

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