The Beginings of Bartemus

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The Beginings of Bartemus Empty The Beginings of Bartemus

Post  Bartemus on Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:44 am

Bartemus was born in the village of Emberstone, he had a normal childhood and spent time with the other children in the village. When the time came for Bart to learn a profession he joined his father in the smithy, but after some time he realized he didn't want to just a smith for the rest of his life. So he went to his mother and began learning more about tailoring, but still it seemed too mundane for him.
After a couple of weeks Bartemus had studied the ways of his parents and learned a lot about their skills. It was during this time that a priest of the light had been passing through town. He began to talk with the priest and found out more regarding the faith and how the light empowers one with the ability to heal, and help others.
With the consent of his parents Bartemus left for Gilneas and began his studies with the Gilneain priests. Many years went by and Bartemus was called to aid his king and country as it was being beseiged by undead, and a new enemy known as the worgen.
While defending his homeland he was bit by a worgen and after some time, he too changed. Growing in size, gaining extra hair, he became like the fabled werewolf, a Worgen.
Now Bartemus quests in hope to find a cure for his curse, or learn to live with it.


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