Apology letters to your characters. (Because WoW is down and I'm bored)

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Apology letters to your characters. (Because WoW is down and I'm bored)

Post  Opide on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:50 am

I've seen this type of game before, and it's actually quite fun, so maybe I can get it started here. Now, I imagine I'm not the only one who likes to torture my poor character, or suck at playing her, or give her a shifty backstory. So why not apologize in note form? Why? Because it's funny. Looks like I'll get this ball rolling.

Dear Opide,

First off, I'm sorry your backstory is so shifty. Draenei age is something that really confuses me. So no, I couldn't tell you how long you've been chilling out with humans, I can just say it’s been long enough to slightly humanize you. That’s all you get. Too bad for you. Oh, I’m also sorry that I have no idea what’s up with your parents, other than the fact that they’re basically prudes. Not teaching their daughter about sex, I mean what’s up with that?

Ohhh, speaking of sex I’m sorry you didn’t learn about that until recently. Yes, this was only because I found it hilarious to wonder what the hell was going on when someone started flirting with you. I’m sure you didn’t notice what you were missing, so that’s not too much of a problem, right? I mean, you got laid eventually. (You go girl)

The only apology I have left for you is the big one. I’m sorry I enjoy tormenting you so much. You used to be so happy and stuff, until I got my claws on you. I mean, you had to put up with fighting in Draenor, kidnapping some worgen, and Rensent. Yeah, it was so much fun to see you be evil. I may have to do it again, though I imagine Aritya would probably never let anyone touch you again.

Now that you’ve discovered the power of friendship (with rainbows and unicorns and stuff) I hope things turn out slightly better. Maybe you can get over the fact that you killed your best friend’s father, and betrayed a whole bunch of people. And who knows, maybe this plan of yours will work. But rest assured, I will still be here to make your life a living hell.

Write back soon!

So that’s basically how it works. If you do this, I’ll give you a cupcake. Because I know that no one posts on these forums. :3 And cupcakes make you happy! (At least that’s what the buff says. I didn’t feel any happier)


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Re: Apology letters to your characters. (Because WoW is down and I'm bored)

Post  Matrina on Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:22 pm

Dear Matrina,

Oh boy, where do I begin? Sorry for making you a total bitch. As fun as it is to watch others skwerm, I can only imagine that some people could have been good friends had you not been a complete and total bitch. Sorry for killing your parents. It was cliche when I did it and it is still very cliche. On top of that, you still have no idea if your father is even dead; sorry, he is. Also, I totally killed your mom when you were five too, sorry about being cheerful about that. I'm sorry that I have been planning your fall into insanity for quite sometime. I'm sorry that I put you into hiding, but you have to admit some of that was not my fault. I'm sorry that I made you step down from the Senate. I was too busy for the Senate and I know how much you like power. Don't worry though, I'll make you a Senator once more; even you know that the shot hit the fan the moment you left. It's not all bad, though. You get to work toward a new and brighter district... Wait, no you don't, only I do. Sorry for torturing your children and adding more to your life by having you lie to your own children; at least it's a learning experience. Sorry that you used to suck at being normal in RP. I was new to the whole idea and my brother wasn't there to teach me. And sorry that I am forgetting other things that I did to you that you don't deserve. You're a nice person, Matti; trust me, I know.

Your friend,
The Kid That Controls You


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Re: Apology letters to your characters. (Because WoW is down and I'm bored)

Post  Aritya on Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:24 pm

Dear Aritya

Sorry I keep putting you in "I'm gonna die" depressions. It must really suck that you always look after everyone other then yourself even though you only just turned 17. Also, sorry for putting you in near death states, and being unconcious so often. Your love life is also pretty screwed up, I mean you said you like someone but really like another, and you said you like him just because youd feel bad if you turned the guy down when your turning him down for the same reason that his last crush, who also happens to be your best friend, was turned down the same way. Still, at least you were able to become senator for trade, even if you were in the sentinal district when you joined. To make it up, i'll take requests. What kind of near death scenario DON'T you want, and I'll avoid it. Very Happy

also, sorry for making you not drink alchohal.


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Post  Fendolf on Tue May 03, 2011 4:01 am

Dear Jarkins,

I'm sorry that you had a cool farm, but a lonely life, and I'm sorry that your crappy little farm got commandeered by Stormwind for the necessary space as training grounds and resource lands. Annnd I'm sorry you sound like a hick, though I do try to tone it down. ^^; Also, I apologize for... welll that's pretty much it so far. shit life for you buddy but at least you seem to have snagged a ladyfriend.


P.S. I hope your rp never crosses paths with my warlock 'cause all'a that ^ will seem like somebody doing you a favor in comparison. And now that I've said that, it pretty much has to happen.


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Re: Apology letters to your characters. (Because WoW is down and I'm bored)

Post  Line on Thu May 26, 2011 1:53 am

Dear Linedwell,
Forgive me for forcing you to spend hours farming herbs and ore in Vash'jir in plate armor. I'm sure if you could feel pain, you would be in a lot. Constantly.
Also, I apologize for running you into the center or Orgrimmar and watching you die over and over. But I don't expect you to forgive me for that.


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Re: Apology letters to your characters. (Because WoW is down and I'm bored)

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