The History of The Republic.

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The History of The Republic. Empty The History of The Republic.

Post  Roland Wilhelm Kalithas on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:53 am

The History of the great Republic has multiple beginnings, and would best be started at the story of the Merchant and Pirating guild name Da Fon Thraze, started by Loistradyn, a human mage with a long history with Trolls.

As I'll be the story teller here, I'll tell it from my own point of view, which has a few gaps missing in terms of exact specifics of the original guilds, and a few assumptions. So, I'm going to assume this guild had its foundations in the strong pirating culture of Booty Bay and Stranglethorn Vale itself. Da Fon Thraze then moved to the southern human kingdoms, Elwynn forest and the like, to expand it's interests. Through my travels at the time, and my, so to say, lack of maturity, I came to have a history with Da Fon Thraze, helping Loistradyn and her mercenaries endeavors, spending long nights at the tavern drinking our hearts away, and helping their illegal trading schemes.

It was then another guild arose by the name of Neltharion's Charge. Neltharion's Charge was founded by a Black Dragon, one of Neltharion's own, who desired to restore honor to the Black Dragons, by keeping to their original goal of protecting the earth and making sure balance was in check. These were not peace keeping druids, or shamans though, they were primarily soldiers and warriors, who swore by this code; though they were not chaotic as the original Neltharion was. They were lead by their draconic princess Valyra.

Through a series of events that are virtually meaningless now, Valyra and Loistradyn became enemies. Through various events, Loistradyn and Valyra quarreled, sending their soldiers and mercenaries after one another, as I tried to quell the tension. With seemingly no end in sight, I turned to an old friend by the name of Volthorian, who advised me to bring in a third party to try to hold a meeting of peace between the two quarreling guilds, Volthorian even volunteered to host the meeting.

I sought out a draenic guild by the name of “The Council of Oros”, whos primary goal was to seek knowledge and restore general peace to all peoples. A guild of scholars and sages. The meeting itself took place within the halls of the Stormwind Keep, and unfortunately, Volthorian could not attend, as he seemingly disappeared, so I took his place.

And so the three guilds, one of scholars, the other of merchants, and the last of battle-sworn knights, had one of the most productive meetings in history. The three became close friends afterwards, and soon unbreakable allies. They were inseparable. And when the King of Stormwind announced our assault and colonization of Northrend, a Keep in the Borean Tundra was built.

It was called Valiance Keep. All three immediately moved to this fortress, taking positions and offices throughout the keep respectively. And because of this, a town grew outside of the keep, followed by claiming of lands outside of the town's walls. The three guilds became not just allies, but brothers sworn by blood and battle. Soon, a Democratic Republic was formed, a Senate, consisting of all three leaders of the respective guilds, which soon lost meaning and became “Districts”.

Eventually though, corruption struck the Senate, first with Loistradyn, who had seemingly become possessed with some insane troll god, and fell throughout our ranks, and had to be replaced by a member of the existing “Trade” district, as that is what her guild had become; the leadership of the Trade district was much disputed for quite a while until a certain rogue by the name of Anaara took the lead.

The next to go was Valyra, who died in honorable combat whilst defending Valiance Keep. Her soldiers quickly lost their draconic meanings and origins, and a new leader of the “Military” district was chosen, which was me. And Phynerei, of the Council of Oros, went away finally, after having to attend his duties in the Exodar, and a new leader of the “Scholar” district was chosen, who was Matrina, a mage.

These three leaders lead the newfound Republic into a new future of prosperity and freedom. A constitution was founded and our government expanded.

But another key event happened near the beginning of our nation, and that was when a soldier in my military district revealed himself to me to be the one and only Kendal Blackstone, of House Blackstone. Me and Kendal became close friends, then he told me he wished to restore House Blackstone. Both of us searched far and wide for members of the original House, collecting them into Republic, and eventually, when the event was ready to happen, they split and reformed, and became our strongest ally, which they still are today.

Now, as I said, our government expanded. Eventually, two new districts came to be, the Nature and the Holy District. The Holy District was built for maintaining our laws, our court, and our order; and the Nature District was built for maintaining our rapidly geological standpoint, our position in Southern Borean Tundra. These districts were eventually lead by Aannu, a draenei paladin of the holy district, and Sarisis, an old night elf druid of the nature district.

Through the various endeavors of the Republic, having fought in colossal wars, dealing with worgen outbreaks, debating furiously in the senate hall, allying ourselves with many guilds, we made a name for ourselves that many remember, and many will come to remember.

But there was a moment in our history, possibly our darkest one, where the liberty of Valiance Keep, and all of Nasam was at stake. The Senate Hall grew cold with spite and there was rioting on the streets. The people had overthrown their leadership, who had all fled to the village of Lakeshire for a few months. Without our assistance though, Valiance Keep fell into disarray.

Suriel, with his vast amounts of wealth came back to Valiance Keep and restored it all, and I myself came back to lead us once again into future victories. Together, me and Suriel literally refounded our great nation with the help of many former members to see the Black, Red and Gold flag fly once again. All of us have helped to restore and freedom democracy to its former glory. We, as a people, have been through the fires of hell and back, figuratively and literally. It is now our time once again.

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